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Don't worry about answering this I just need to vent!!

Why am I so good at hiding my weight?? My mother called round yesterday and I happened to say that I was just on the way out with the dog. I haven't been out with the dog for a year or so which got me a funny look!! I answered the funny look by saying that I need to do something as I'm nearly 15 stone. And I received the usual "you don't look it" response!!

Problem is that the whole of my family is overweight (some more than others) and don't see why weight is an issue!!

On the plus side I walked for half an hour with the dog and I will be heading out with him again soon!!!

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hi Winnie i know you said not to reply and you was just venting your Anger, but i wonder what they would said about me, i'm 6 ft 3 inches tall and at the moment 20 stone dead, i've come down from nearly 28 stone, anyway before they look at you, just say have you looked in a mirror lately, if most of your family are over weight does she pick on then has she does with you. want she should do is look at her own faults first before she can look at yours take care........Alan

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Well done on the walks!

I have been building to 2 stone over what used to be my normal weight for about 4 years. Thing is no one I work with now knew me slim. Most people I work with are also over weight. So their respond in the same way...

you're fine as you are!

You don't look overweight

you don't need to lose weight..

and now I have lost the first 11lbs, ooooo don't lose any more you don't want to look poorly

you've lost enough now

your face will look older if you lose any more...

You see they base comments on their view of the world, as we all do, and sometimes this is just not helpful when we decide to change

You carry on walking the dog and changing your eating and exercise habits and the weight will start to shed... then maybe the rest of your family will want to join you. You will have not only made your life healthier but theirs too!

Good luck lovely.

Also I once read a book 'diary of a former fat girl' or something similar and she battled against a family who didn't understand the journey she set out on. Kept trying to derail her attempts, not in an unkind way, quite the opposite. In a loving family way, but this was not good for her health. If the title is different I will let you know.

Good luck. 😊


We make them feel guilty, or hold a mirror up. Whatever it is they don't like it and unconsciously want to sabotage us. This is where we really have to be strong and taking the dog out is just the perfect way. Exercise to calm us down, physical distance to enable us to take a step back and think about what's just happened.

Easier said than done, but don't let them get you down. You know you're doing the right thing and feel better for it. We know it as well, so rant as much as you like on here! We can relate🎈💐


Gggggrrrrr indeed!

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Hi Winnie

I know what you mean - I'm exactly the same. Everyone looks surprised when I tell them what I weigh (I'm 13st. 4lbs now but my diet starting weight was 14st. 1lbs). Trouble is, I don't know what's worse, someone saying you look fine or someone saying you look really fat because if I was told I looked really fat I would probably be so upset I'd comfort eat to make myself feel better. I suppose it's what works best for you. I'm really in the zone at the moment as I'll soon be 69 and have arthritis so should be lighter and to be honest haven't had a flare up or pain for a couple of months so even losing just 11 lbs has made a huge difference. Just do what's best for you - losing weight and getting more exercise has to be good for you. Just go for it. Good luck.

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