Things that make you go mmmmm🤔

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all ok and having a fab week😃

Weigh in today and have stayed the same, feeling a bit 😕. Had a bit of an up and down week but that's not excuse, sometimes life does get the way of healthy eating and exercise!

I'm beginning to think am I'm eating ' unconsciously' ???. I'm off my steroids and feeling just about recovered from pneumonia and thought I would shift a couple of Ibs this week !

I think I've got to radically change what I eat, I've upped my fruit/veg intake to actually have my 5 a day ( I'm a bit lax sometimes !!) I don't eat a lot of processed food but I do like carbs and maybe that's what need to change ??

I joined the march exercise challenge and I'm finding that hard ! I started doing squats again OMG my knees don't know what's hit them !! Lol🤔

So.... Onward and downward, I will loose something this week !

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and an even better week😃


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  • Hi Flossie,

    You've done incredibly well - you've maintained your weight, and I know you've been unwell physically - you've only just recovered from pneumonia, so that is serious stuff - don't put pressure on yourself to lose weight at such times (that would be my advice) as your body needs to recuperate, and I know I'll sound a bit predictable to say this, as I often say it, but maintaining is better than gaining. I find that when I'm unwell I often gain weight, and I've come to accept that as being fairly normal for me. I definitely try not to be negative on myself in such circumstances. I'm sure if a friend of yours said to you "I've just recovered from pneumonia and other stressful stuff, and I've not lost any weight" - think about what you'd say to that person - you wouldn't give them a hard time, you'd be the lovely supportive person you are to people in the forum - you'd support and encourage them. That wouldn't be insincere or patronising, it would be heart-felt and encouraging, and I hope you'll give yourself the same treatment. i.e. be kind to yourself too.

    I know you asked about carbs - I think the wholegrain carbs are very healthy as part of a balanced eating plan, and I have previously done a post about the healthy benefits of complex carbs - I'm not going to bombard you with links to those views, but you can look up my post if you're interested. I purely want to say that I do think they have a place, and any eating plan that advocates cutting them out (like the extreme Banting type diets) sound extremely unhealthy to me. That's my personal view, but I have also read quite a few articles on these subjects which have helped to forge my opinion. I think it's important to ensure you are eating the range of macronutrients. I would suggest sticking with mainly complex carbs (i.e. wholegrain bread, quinoa, buckwheat, wholegrain pasta) and avoiding or reducing refined carbs (white bread, white pasta, etc). I am purely commenting on this, as you specifically asked the question about carbs. Hope that's ok Flossie! You invited opinions by asking that specific question, so I hope my reply is helpful.

    Great that you've joined the March Strength Challenge, but again, do pace yourself and make sure you're completely better and that you're coping ok. Your health is important.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal for your reply, it is much appreciated😃

    It is the refined carbs that I need to address, I think truthfully I've become a bit lazy re meals and eating much the same week in week out. When I first started out I cooked a lot more and was more adventurous and this is maybe what has to change. Your post yesterday re your evening meal made me think,I tend to eat around what my husband likes, he eats a lot of meat, I don't so a comprise is needed !!!!

    I'm planning a couple of changes and making some soup, it will turn around, I'm just impatient !!🙄


  • Hi Flossie, glad to hear you have nearly recovered from Pneumonia and to have maintained your weight over this period is to be praised, I am not sure I could resist reaching for comfort foods if I was poorly! It sounds a good idea to get your carb intake from vegetables too instead of bread and cakes etc.

    Have a good weekend yourself and keep positive :-) John

  • Thanks John,

    It has been hard, but for me I do need to crack this and make better choices !!!

    It's back to basics and rediscovering the joys of fresh healthy snacks 😃

    Hope you are all settled in your new home


  • Hey flossie, don't beat yourself up about staying the same. I had a great loss the first week then over the next two or three put it nearly all back in!

    I know what you mean about life getting in the way of focus sometimes but we are all here to help each other and you are in good company.

    Onward and downwards flossie, WTG, you can do it.

    Hope you have a great weekend, We're routing for ya 👍 xx

  • Thanks Bu-dog,

    I've had a real good think and I do need to shake things up !!! Too much Daniel and Donny eh !!! Lol

    Have a lovely weekend, catch up on the week😃

    😇 xx

  • I make a lot of soups and stews, but I use half the amount of meat and put in loads of veggies, a few lentils to up the protein 😊 Hubby won't even notice!!

  • Thanks Anna,

    I must have read your mind, bought soup mix ??( not sure what to do with it but I'll find out !!) loads of veggies but just remembered forgot stock !!!

    I've got a slow cooker and never used it, but I'm going to🤔

    Have a lovely weekend


  • Love my slow cooker 😊 Soups, casseroles, pot roast meats 😊 Really useful

  • Stress and weight loss don't really go together Flossie and you've had a lot of stress recently.

    I know that once things get back on an even keel, those pesky pounds will start to disappear :)

    I know what you mean about the body's reaction to Ruth's exercise challenge, mine's screaming at me! :D

  • Thanks moreless,

    With all of you behind me ( the gang not just you!!) I will turn this around😃 It just feels like it's taking forever to get going 😕

    Tried some trousers on from last summer and they are so tight !!! Oh eer missus lol


  • Everything comes to those who wait Flossie :)

  • Hi flossie :-) well done on maintaining this week hun :-) and it' great to hear you are off those steroids and feeling recovered from the pneumonia.

    Like you floss I enjoy eating carbs and just couldn't do without them in my eating plan, but we must remember to watch our intake of these. I'm not surprise that you have found the March challenge challenging as you are just beginning to feel recovered from the infection. Just build your exercise up gradually hun and don't push yourself until you are 100 % :-)

    You sound positive moving forward so onward and downward from here :-)

    Have a lovely weekend flossie x

    T1 :-)

  • Thanks MrsT,

    You are right re carbs, I could not live without them but when I've looked back over last few weeks my intake of them is creeping up. I also wonder if I'm eating without thinking ?? Even a little bit of this and a taste of that adds up !!😕

    Exercise wise I'm going slow and steady, it was good to back at circuit class but I know it will be a few more weeks till I'm back in the groove !!

    Got to stay positive 😃

    Have a fab week


  • Stay positive and mindful this week and I'm sure you will see a loss floss :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) best wishes x

  • I'm going for soup option and cutting out the bread and potatoes if possible. We'll get there! Here's to hopefully a loss next week ☺

  • I'm with you on that 😇

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