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Not yet ready to lose weight???

I am now 60 years of age. I am 5' 2" tall and recently the doctor's scales showed me weighing a disappointing 173 pounds. I know I really need to lose to help my painful knees, back, and feet. (I also have osteoarthritis considerably.) When I was younger I dieted so much to keep my "figure", that now the idea of cutting out this and that foods, and going hungry, that it makes me almost ill and mentally incredibly depressed. Is there anyone else who had similar experiences and were you able to overcome them to be successful in losing some weight. My weight has been so steadily rising the last two years and it scares me that it might get so out of control that it will be a more major effort to get it more normal again. Bottom line is, I know I need to get it under control NOW, but mentally I just don't want to do it.

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Firstly read this, put together by Moreless. Age should not be a barrier (I am now 61 and just an inch taller than you).

I lost my weight 3 years ago and went on to do couch to 5k (lots of older people on there too), then in 2014 did a marathon, jogged & walked it rather than ran it though!

If you have a basically healthy diet you do not need to cut out any foods, just portion control and count calories.

The 12 week plan has lots of helpful advice, but mine is use smaller plates and don't get too hungry. If you are hungry have a healthy snack.

There is no reason not to want to have a trim figure at 60 either.

You will feel so much better once you have started to lose and it will help your bones as well.

Good luck with your journey.


Hello rettalee55

I can feel you despair 😞 I was in a very black place myself a year ago, chronic pain restricted movement and stubborn fat that would not shift, caught in a viscous circle 😕

I was advised that just quite small changes can make big differences. Reducing calories by 150 a day, and 15 minutes movement (3x5 mins initially) is enough to lose 2-3 lbs a month, over a stone in a year.

I was lucky to get a place on a weight management programme run by my local hospital, but it's very similar to the Britsh Heart Foundation plan and the NHS12 wk plan. Having enough to eat is vital, I cannot bear being hungry. Just decide what high calorie food is easiest for you to reduce.

You can do this, the benefits will make you feel sooo much better, you will have more energy, feel younger, and the most important for me, much less joint pain.

Thinking of you

Anna 😊



I agree with what windswept has said, have a look at the 12 week plan.

for me it's not a 'diet', yes you need to be mindful of calories and exercise but maybe start by making small changes😃

Keep a food/ exercise diary and measure yourself, what about giving yourself 4 weeks and see what changes you are able to make ?

For me health issues was the major reason for me to loose weight and while I am 'sticking' a bit at the moment I am still determined to cracked this last 18Ibs!😃

Hope you find the plan useful and look forward to see how you do



Hi Rettalee55,

I can't add to what others have already said, some really great advice there, and I concur that the NHS 12 week plan is excellent.

I hope you'll enjoy being part of our forum, it's a friendly and supportive place. If you fancy joining in a weekly weigh-in group, then do look out for the Monday group weigh-in sessions - the link to the latest thread is in the 'Events' section - right-hand-side of the homepage.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Hello Rettalee55

The 55 rings a bell for me - I guess we share the same year of birth!

My story is much the same as yours - a lifetime of dieting until I was somewhat more comfortable in my own skin, and then the inevitable creep upwards...

I decided at 59 that I was going to get this weight thing nailed for once and for all, and although not quite there yet, 2.5 stone down at a similar height.

My thoughts on the mental side would be thinking more about what you are going to get, rather than what you are going to give up. Think about how you are going to be able to move with grace. Think about climbing a flight of stairs and feeling good at the top of them. Think about your sense of achievement and the energy to live life even more fully. And you might (if you are like me) think about going into a shop and buying some clothes because you really like them, rather than compromising because they fit you!

One other thing - dieting has moved a long way since we were in our twenties. We could probably share some real horror stories about the sort of things that we did - remember the cabbage soup diet and the Hollywood pineapple diet, to name just two! Find something that works for you so you are in control, not something that you feel controls you. I found it very worthwhile to do some research and look at different options, rather than feel that I was living a life of misery.

And this is a great site. Come regularly, even if it is to just read other posts. There are many like us, all with our personal demons, and getting support just helps you feel that you are not alone.

The very best of luck!


I think you need to think of it as sensible eating not a diet - most of do not ban foods or are very restrictive, it more about portion control, not having takeaways every night etc lol

maybe try to get into the habit of writing down everything you eat first to get used to it and then you will maybe naturally identify what you could do to eat a bit better i.e. instead of a large potion you could have a smaller portion, or drink more water and less juice, similarly you will see if you are maybe eating food which have a healthier alternative

small changes can make a big difference and not make you feel like your on a diet

also walking is really good but if you don't want to exercise you don't have too

eating healthier and exercising id better for you not just your waist line!

when I lost my first 21lbs it included a packet of crisps everyday and chocolate as well as occasional cookies, and occasional takeaways, and I ate the same as my husband just slightly less cals and more veg :)

the information for newbies is great but you have to want to change, its hard starting out which I why I would suggest recording your current eating habits


Not much to add from the excellent replies rettalee except that you will feel the health benefits and you will not feel hungry! I write everything down and I am surprised that some days I have not eaten the recommended calories but still fill full!

Think about the positive impact it will have upon your health. After just 7 weeks I have noticed my joints feel better, I can put my socks on without a struggle and my waist has reduced by 3 inches!

Think about it over the weekend and take the plunge and join the weigh in on Monday, what do you have to lose in giving it a go? :-) John


yes, I am 66 and have arthritis all over the place especially my knee , steadily weight crept on over 25 years but since nov 13th when nurse weighed me I have lost nearly 3 st and now my knee doesn't hurt and I feel great which is especially good as I love dancing and me and hubby go 4 or 5 times a week and it is so much easier now. just do it, you will be so pleased, cut out carbs and wine and spread calories out carefully so glucose levels stay steady . good luck by summer you could be 3 st lighter!1


Thank you all for your replies. Such understanding and non-condemnation is quite a surprise. Yeah, in my younger years, in my effort to "keep it down" I went on the Adkins diet, (all protein, nothing else), not eating all day and then eating a small amount with family in evening, etc. I really feel that I ruined my metabolism. I will keep reading here and hopefully it will help set my mind to what I need to do. Thank you all so much!


Hope we can help you find the right path 😊


Here is a comment from my hormone doctor. ("You cannot eat healthy and lose weight") Is it just me or is this a stupid statement?? I sooo ate badly in the past that I refuse to eat unhealthy again, weight gain or lose.


Hi, I fully understand where you are coming from as I too have been struggling recently to get motivated and I too also feel that my weight is spiralling out of control but I have found that looking on this website and reading the various posts have helped me become more positive. The thing that struck a chord with me the most though was the title ONE YOU and it made me realise that yes, there is just one me and I owe it to myself to look after myself. I have just started my journey this week and I am trying to remember to tell myself every day that there is only one me, hoping this will keep me motivated. Hope you manage to find the motivation you need, good luck.


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