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Hi everyone. How is your week going? I have been doing a bit of research on diet/weight loss and decided to try a few new things. I don't normally have time for cooking in the morning but I had a 2 egg omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes this morning. Hoping that the protein will keep me from wanting to snack till lunchtime. I am also trying to eat my evening meal before 7pm and not eat too many carbs then as well. Has anyone else tried something new?


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  • Hi muffintop,

    That sounds delicious, I haven't tried anything new yet but will do tonight. I am planning a stir fry. Got a packet of mushroom stir fry and egg noodles. Will be having that tonight. Maybe with scrambled egg not sure. I can't wait till tonight. I delay my dinner for 8 as if I have dinner by 7 I get too hungry and then end up coming down at 12!

  • I always have breakfast, not early, about 10, and usually have eggs toast mushrooms etc. If I don't manage this I will have a substantial lunch. My evening meal is lighter, and often meat free, but I do 'save' some calories for toast or a banana and milky drink before bed. I have done this for a while as it's supposed to be better for post-menopause women to eat the bulk of the calories (and carbs) earlier in the day. I have found that I can stick to plan easier, I am not obsessed with food all day, and my mid-afternoon sugar cravings have all but gone. Obviously, weight loss/management is not "one size fits all" but this approach is working for me.

    Good luck! 😊

  • Hi Muffintop, Like you, I often have an omelette for breakfast with ham/cheese in, all weighed out. Other days it is porridge or bran with a banana and semi skimmed milk. I also have the Nairn's oatcakes with cheese and olives or tomatoes followed by an apple. I also found that I am enjoying a salad with a boiled egg and a small tin of anchovies in olive oil, (from Lidl at 59p per can :-) ), a small amount of mayonaise. I am also trying to eat in the evening before 7pm but if i stay up late I start to feel like snacking :-(

    I also boil some new potatoes and keep them in the fridge, they are ideal for adding to salads if the calorie count is a bit low and it keeps you fuller for longer too.

    John :-)

  • Great ideas - many thanks for reply.

  • We always have a good breakfast - sometimes eggs and mushrooms/tomatoes and sometimes cereal/fruit & yogurt. Lunches normally a wrap or pitta with salad, sometimes soup. We have some meat or fish in the evening (about 6pm) with vegetables and a carb of some sort. For some meals we have swapped mashed potato for a celeriac puree. On other occasions we have had Rice with Quinoa and Veg rather than plain rice. I have oven-baked a mix of Aubergine, Courgette, Peppers and Cherry tomatoes to make my veg more appealing. Have enjoyed cauliflower cous-cous, Courgetti (spiralized courgettes) and Butternut Squash Spaghetti as new and alternative ways to have my vegetables. It can be a challenge but quite enjoyable to find the best ways to eat healthily. Usually finish up with a piece of fruit, or fromage frais before bed.

  • I have been looking into buying a machine that spirals vegetables. Sounds a good way to get more vegetables into the kids too. Not tried cauliflower cous-cous but may give that a go too. Thanks for ideas.

  • Hi Muffintop67,

    I love your post, and the responses that people have given, it's really good reading all the ideas and it's great to share things like that. Thank you! :-)

    I am going to try out a new soup - using carrots, white onions, cannellini beans and pot barley - I have no idea how it's going to taste, but I am keen to try it, and intend to make a bulk amount to freeze (so I am really hoping it will be tasty).

    I have also recently bought some sauerkraut, and pickled eggs - which I intend to try later in the week. I was going to try to make my own sauerkraut, but I haven't managed to do that yet, so I thought I'd be lazy and buy some.

    I have recently started buying unpasteurized cheeses to try occasionally - as I am interested in trying to get my gut bacteria thriving, and I've read it can be good to eat things like sauerkraut, kimchi, unpasteurized cheese etc. I already am a fan of plain yoghurt (I tend to use the Total yoghurt as it is low in sugars, and quite high in protein compared with other brands of yoghurt).

    Anyway, those are the things I'm trying that are 'new' for me.

    I have been trying to have a longer fasting window, like you, not eating after my evening meal, but I have had variable success on that recently, as I have been tempted to have a little snack here and there. I could do better on that one.

    Your omelette you had for breakfast sounds really tasty. Did you find it kept you satiated till lunchtime as you hoped? I hope so.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Unfortunately the omelette didn't keep me fuller for any longer than my usual shreddies. But I did enjoy having something different. Your soup sounds nice and I buy the Total yoghurt too. Thanks for your reply.

  • I normally swing between what Son & Heir calls the full Welsh, probably your full English! Or cereal. I cut down fruit this week, and managed to eat less than one piece a day. So that meant I had no cereal. I also sat a pint of water on the coffee table and managed to increase my intake of water. I did remember to wear my pedometer every day this week, so I have walked a little more. But still thousands below where I should be. Only one day past my 5,000 target. But still up compared to last week. I have been working on adding veg to all my meals and find breakfast the most difficult. I usually add fresh tomatoes and mushrooms cooked with no fat to my 2 bacon medallions, toast and 2 poached eggs. But for the second week I made very low kcal bubble & squeak cakes with left over veg including potato and some oats. I used these instead of my toast and mushrooms. They were lovely and very filling. Today, after my pre-breakfast weigh in with a lb lost, I celebrated with some apricot juice, and a banana mashed on 2 slices of toast, plus some thin sliced turkey and some ham. Whatever happened to the party girl? When a celebration is fruit juice and a mashed banana! That little voice in my head is sneering "get a life"!

  • I like the idea to leave the water out on display. I am sure sometimes I am needing a drink not food. I like your breakfast ideas too. Unfortunately I don't think the omelette kept me feeling as full as my usual bowl of shreddies!

  • I know what you mean with shreddies, all that wholewheat fibres does seem to take up some tummy time. I just get bored eating them, and the weighed portion doesn't look a lot. Fooling my eyes is a one of my strategies. So I love puffed wheat. You get a bucket load of that for less kcal.

  • I haven't had any puffed wheat for ages - must put that on the shopping list! I guess 50g of that will look loads more than the same weight of shreddies.

  • Morning, Muffin,

    This sounds like madness till you weigh them but I can only get 20g of puffed wheat into my bowl if I want to add some liquid and my usual fruit topping. I guess you would need a bucket for 50g! My local large Sainsbury's has them at the moment. I usually buy them in Home Bargains, but their stock maintenance is erratic, so I have had to trail out to our Tesco megastore at times. I always buy 2 packs if I see them and start searching again when I've opened the second pack.


  • I've found that having some high fibre carbs with omelette has helped me feel fuller for longer, something like cooked sweet potato or squash from the previous night's meal.

    I'm also trying not to eat after 7 pm, but it seems to be nearer 8 at the moment.

  • Hi Penel,

    You sound like me. I have started to do extra veg in the hope of getting enough left to do bubble & squeak to add to my bacon and eggs breakfast, lately. After years of searching for the perfect breakfast wine. Yeah, decadent or what! I am now, more healthily, looking for the perfect breakfast vegetable combination!


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