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Morning all

Good morning all :)

I weighed in at 12st 12 lbs on Monday morning, not the biggest I have been, but way larger than I should be!

I've been diagnosed as being pre-diabetic and although I've lost half a stone I really need to get a move on and think properly about my weight and diet.

There's no great mystery as to why I'm fat (at 5 2 it's definetly fat and not overweight), I eat too much!

My plan is to calorie count, make healthy choices and snack less, none of these easy or we would all be slim jim's!

Looking forward to joining and supporting everyone as I make life choices which give a good example to my children as well as losing this extra weight and getting fitter.

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Hi Twojacks,

Welcome to the forum, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of this great community - it's a friendly and supportive place. I hope you'll find it supportive to your weight loss journey. There's a Welcome Newbie pack, which Moreless has put together, and it's definitely worth a read, so here's the link for you:


There are lots of Challenges going on currently, so do join in anything that you like the look of - and maybe see you at the Monday group weigh-in sessions, if you like the idea of a weekly weigh in with a supportive group.

Have a great first week.

Lowcal :-)


Hello two jacks 😊

My incentive was medical too, (chronic arthritis) and have been losing weight slowly and steadily for 7 months, down to 11.5 and two dress sizes smaller, much less pain and feeling fit and well generally. Almost 2 stone to go to get to 9.7 😊

Good luck, lots of help on here

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Welcome and love your reality of who and where you are 😃 It's not easy but so worth it once you get there.

Have a look at the link Lowcal has given again it's worth it.

Enjoy your week


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