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Hi, I've just joined. At 12 stone 4 I have 3 stone+ to lose to get my BMI down. I don't usually buy into the BMI thing- but my husband and I are wanting to start IVF and to qualify I have to be a healthier weight. So in the last couple of weeks i've lost 7lbs, but still have lots to lose. Joined the gym, went today, and now have a fitness plan to follow... Need lots of help, advice and motivation. It's so important I keep at this this time!! :)

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Hi BRuffell,

Welcome to the forum, and as you are a 'Newbie' I'd like to give you our 'Welcome Newbie' link (which was compiled by Moreless, a lovely member of our forum):


Also, do take a look at the Pinned posts and 'Events' sections (right-hand-side of the homepage).

There are lots of things going on in the forum currently - various Challenges and hopefully you'll find something to help support you on your journey to lose weight and wishing you success to reach the weight you need to qualify for your IVF treatment.

Hope to see you around and about in the forum.

Lowcal :-)

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What a great motivator 😊 Good luck 😊

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I was motivated by health reasons too - a lot of us are. Grab the motivation and go with it. The NHS 12 week plan will get you well on your way to losing those 3 stones. Good luck :)


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