Wedding dress update

So!!!! Update just to bore you all

I reached my bmi weight for my fitting and my dress looked amazing ❤️

Needs taking in 3 1/4 sizes tho :O I've been told I'm not allowed to lose anymore weight so that's it this is my weight until I'm married and I love it! :D

Thank you everyone for your support- I'll still hang around because my next task is maintaining so I'll see how I do!! :D



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19 Replies

  • Wow that is fantastic to reach your goal! Oooh this is a dream to loose 12 lbs! I must try harder no more cheating thanks for the motivation! I just cheated tonight and I can't believe I was so good. I may not even eat sugar and yeast well I better stop now!

  • Fab post and so happy for you, another beautiful bride😃

    Enjoy the discovery of maintaining ( something I've never managed but aspiring to !!)


  • Oh no Wood, you could never bore us with a success story! I just couldn't be happier for you :)

    I hope you'll be posting some pics for us too :) When's the happy day?

    All the best with maintaining, I believe that's the hardest part and like Flossie, I've never managed it yet! You're very wise to stick around, because I think that's the key to success.

    Enjoy your new, healthy, slim body :)

  • Wow 😊 How lovely you will be ❤️ We will need photos 😊 Very well done! I am hoping to get back into mine for our silver wedding next year.

  • Awh thanks for all your lovely comments :) I'll post a picture on the day/ day after all top secret till then- it's in June so you lovely lot will have to wait a bit! Sorry!!

    I did ask the ladies at the shop to not take it in based on today so I can see if I can maintain- I did change my goal in mfp and it gave me like an extra 800 calories :O I'd balloon if I ate that

    So I've decided on 1400-1500 from 1250-1300 I hope this will mean I maintain I might need to up it again but if I do one big jump I think I'll explode!!!

    You are all amazing! I will Defo be hanging around for advice and coming back post wedding to get to my goal weight! Which is another stone off- I think the bridal shop would cry if I did that now! Haha :). X

  • The great thing about having this maintaining period is that when you start to "diet" again, it should be easier :)

    A June bride, how lovely! Can't wait to see the pics :)

  • Well done , you must feel absolutely fantastic!

    There are some useful threads on this site re Maintenance, and its a good idea to increase your calories slowly.

    I reached goal last april and have been maintaining ever since. My average is around 1500 cals per day. But this is " real life" so I eat and drink the things I like, up to 2000 cals on some days, then cut back on other days. I too am size 12. My BMI stays at 23 - 23.5 . Maintenance is not an exact weight, it is a "weight range" that fluctuates week to week. In my case, 0- 3 lbs either way. That's normal. Good luck and we look forward to seeing the pics.😊

  • Well done, it all sounds fabulous :-) !!

  • Fabulous 😜 Can't wait till June for the pictures, you know I can never be bored talking about weddings seen them all I think, then summat new pops up!

  • What size is it now❗️

  • So it was a wedding dress size 18 (wedding dress sizes are a bit differnt to high street ones)

    And if they were ordering a new one it would be to a size 12 :O madness!!!

  • Ace! It's going to make a difference when you look back on those photos 😍

  • Hi Wood05,

    Wow, Congratulations on achieving your BMI weight for your fitting and it's so great to hear that your dress looks amazing!

    You did it!

    Good luck with maintaining, and great that you're sticking around here - there are quite a few people maintaining in the forum.

    Have a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done wood05 ,I too have a goal and a wedding in June, but Im the brides mother. Hope to feel as amazing as you sound for the wedding.

  • Wohooo, this was so great to read. Well done, and good luck on the maintenance.

    And best of luck with the rest of the wedding preparations as well!

  • I wish I could post you all a picture I just keep on looking at them and smiling! I promise you'll get one in June tho :)

    It's been such a. Rewarding not road and I feel so much healthier than I ever have! It's such a good feeling :)

  • Is there an easy way to post pictures?? not sure how to go about it.

  • Congratulations on reaching your BMI Wood05 :-) and congratulations on getting married in June :-) I am sure your dress looks amazing on you and I can't wait to see some pics as well :-)

  • Congratulations Wood05

    I get married in 2019, so I am hoping to be down by at least two dress sizes!

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