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Need advice

So I've decided to start exercising and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. One problem - since a young age I have hated the texture of fruit and veggies.

The only ones I can eat are carrots and sweet potatoes. Any advice on how to overcome this? I have tried smoothies but they never seem to work out well for me and are always lumpy and taste gross.

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Have you tried eating your veg raw in salads with a dip perhaps?

Also, a decent blender will make lovely soup from cooked vegetables blended with some stock.

Again, you could try roasting a mix of peppers, aubergine, courgette and red onion, chopped into pieces and mixed with a little wholegrain mustard, honey and olive oil - roast in a hot oven for 30 mins or until they start to caramelise - they will taste sweet and delicious!

You can now buy courgetti and butternut squash spaghetti - a new form of eating veg with a tasty sauce over them.

Allow yourself to get really hungry after a long country walk and all foods will appear more tempting!


Thank you for the reply. I do have soups occasionally but may start making more.

Where is this spaghetti from? Sounds like something I would like.



Hi Jade94,

Great that you've decided to start exercising and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. You're asking about how to overcome your difficulty with the texture of fruit and veggies, and I can see that DevonDumpling has already given you some excellent suggestions.

I have looked online, and managed to find a couple of links that might be helpful. The first one is directed at children, but it still seemed to have some good ideas:


The second one is aimed at adults, and again seems to be quite relevant:


I hope they might be helpful to you. You'll have to let us know what things you try and how you get on - would be good to know that you're enjoying your food choices and that you can tolerate them better.

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)

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Thank you for the reply. I will post an update after a few weeks, but I never knew there were vegetable spaghetti's, so I'm hoping I will like these!

Thank you for posting the links as well. xxx


You can buy them in the fresh veg section of the supermarket or get a spirilizer and make your own. I grate loads of different veg and put it in bolognese, curries etc as my son insists he doesn't like it. He doesn't notice it and my husband doesn't notice almost everything we eat has grated mushroom in it. 😄

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Have you tried a nutribullet or similar Juicer . That way you can make a smoothie of veg or and fruit. from raw vedge and fruit. That will change the textures for you?

The best of luck!

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I recently bought some butternut squash noodles from Sainsbury's. They were delicious and you cook them the in microwave. Also a mini chopper is useful to finely chop broccoli, stir it into a tomato sauce you don't know it's there! It's useful for all veg. Good luck x

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