Second monthly weigh in

Last weigh in on 31st Jan was 10 stone 8, today I'm 10 stone 6, only 2 lb lost in Feb but I'm ok with that - I was working long hours through back to back viruses for 3 weeks, stuck to at least 90 % healthy eating but was more focussed on keeping myself going than counting calories and only had the energy to start doing a little excercise last week, so all in all better a little loss than a gain! Feeling better now so hopefully shift a few more lbs in March ☀️


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16 Replies

  • Well done Fran, all losses are to be celebrated, but especially those that fly in the face of adversity! What a great result! March is bound to be bigger and better! :)

    Onwards and downwards! :)

  • Thankyou Moreless, and also thankyou for encouraging words when I post my steps in around the world even though they've been very low some days! ☀️

  • Every step and every ounce shows effort Fran, it's not about distance, or weight, it's about heart and you've applied a lot of heart :)

  • Do like your thinking Fran and it's working for you 😃

    I think you've done really well the virus doing the rounds has been vicious I've been out of action for 5 weeks. Back at circuit class today not sure what has hit me !!! Oh well back for more on Wednesday 🤔

    Enjoy your week


  • Thank you Flossie, and sorry you've been poorly so long, you might need to build your exercise up gradually, take care ☀️

  • Really good to have lost weight during such an unusual and stressful month 😊 Well done you

  • Thanks Anna, much appreciated☀️

  • My goodness, you did very well to lose that with all you had to contend with. I am glad you are feeling better and here is to a successful March for you!

  • Thankyou LotToLose, hope the bugs stay away from us all now ☀️

  • Well done Fran! A loss is a loss is a loss!

    Your focus in healthy eating paid dividends. Well done.

    Be careful getting back into exercise. I played netball at weekend after my lurgy started over 6 weeks ago, I felt properly better last week but not really well enough i discovered for the netball, it completely and utterly wiped me out! That said it was lovely to be active again. 😊

  • Thanks Asics! And you're right about the exercise, it's taking quite a while to build energy back up, it's mainly walking I do so I'm slowly increasing distance (work allowing) ☀️

  • Every pound counts and you have done very well sticking with this whist having some viruses to contend with. Now you are feeling much better I am sure you will see those numbers going down this March :-) Good luck Fran x

  • Thanks Trafford, I am aiming for slow and steady but 3 or 4 pounds would be nice! I very inspired by your achievements last year ☀️

  • Well it is the shortest month even with a leap year. So less time to lose weight! A bit tongue in cheek. But you have lost half a lb a week, which is perfectly respectable when the going gets hard. Hope the very long March gives you a loss you are happier with.

  • Ha ha Venus, hadn't thought about shortest month, good one! ☀️

  • That's a fantastic loss/effort for everything you had to fight against! I probably would have given in and gained 4lb lol Well done :)

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