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Positive start to the week!

Well after coming back on here last week, in despair, craving some motivation and encouragement, that's exactly what I got ☺ and will keep getting it. Thanks to you all 💜

I am logging everything I eat/drink on MFP (prob won't bother to input the exercise this time as it just gives me an excuse to eat more😕) but instead of thinking I'll have to do that indefinitely, am planning to give it 2 weeks to see what I need to cut down on. Then go from there.....But I realise now that I DO need to count the calories to a certain extent, at least for a while. I thought I could just eat what I wanted as long as it was healthy, and fooled myself into thinking the odd treat was 'occasional' when it was more often!

Anyway, let's hope we all have a good week.

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Hi Joopoo,

You sound in a much better frame of mind this week, and I hope you have an excellent week ahead.

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)


Fantastic Joopoo! Onwards and downwards! :)


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