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Newbie in need of advice and motivation!


Hi, thought i'd try something out of my comfort zone and joined here. Desperately need to loose about three stone, I did slimming world about ten years ago and lost over a stone but as the years and children have gone by I have ballooned :-( Really struggle with confidence, motivation and picking!

I work from home a lot which doesn't help me as the kitchen is always there, don't have much spare time and struggle with getting out to exercise, I have been poorly for a couple of months which means I am struggling even more with exercise as it is too painful to do most things. On the plus start I have lost nearly a stone since Christmas.

I have to do this, giving up isn't an option just need to figure out what the best plan is, so any advice appreciated

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Hi Anji23,

I'm not in a position to give you much advice but wanted to say hi because I'm just starting today too. I also struggle with confidence, motivation and picking, and I work from home so I completely understand the call of the kitchen!

Today I'm going to drink a glass of water or fruit tea (no milk) every time I want to get up and snack, and I have planned my meals so that I know what I am eating today (including fruit and veg snacks in between meals). I'm hoping that will help me with self-control! I'm also planning to go for a 30-minute walk during lunchtime, as I really struggle with adding exercise into my day. Is walking something that you can do? Or perhaps just some very gentle stretches?

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know that you're not alone! :)

Sarbi in reply to OdoruAho


I am new to this - I was just wondering how are you doing? Does all the planning work?

OdoruAho in reply to Sarbi

Hi Sarbi,

It did work for me for a while - and then I started travelling quite a bit for work, which derailed my planning. I think, for me at least, knowing what my meals are going to be and having a plan for when I get cravings is really important. Then I can be a bit flexible within that if I need to.

I also read recently that building up your muscle mass is important for keeping weight off, so I've started adding a little bit of weight training into my week. I'm really enjoying it.

Wishing you all the best!

Sarbi in reply to OdoruAho

Hi and thanks, I am right with you when you say plan for the cravings - that is my biggest downfall, that when the question of carrot or biscuits come into play. Thanks again


Hi Anji on the right "pinned posts" there is a link to "Welcome newbies" have a good look through and consider downloading the NHS 12 week plan (also have a look at the nhs bmi checker to get your daily calorie suggestions for more accuracy (and if you choose to count cals). Quite a few people use My Fitness Pal(its free) to count their calories and exercise but there also many others who dont and have managed to lose weight through healthy choices and increased exercise and again there are several who use the LCHF approach. Ultimately how you lose weight is a personal thing that must fit you- personally my way of losing weight has changed 4 times since January 1st and thats what works for me but it may not work for others- i like many others started out on the nhs 12 week plan and while i still loosely follow it now i am grateful for the sensible foundations it gave me to start with.

I wish you the very best of luck and welcome again- i think you'll find this site incredibly supportive : )


Hi Anji - Welcome! Hope you find all the nice people out here in NHSweightloss a good resource for you.

Like you I have previous form with the paid for dieting industry and some people on here are also doing SW or WW etc successfully. But for me, this is SO much better, I am taking proper responsibility for myself, my weight and my eating - it really does have nothing to do with some nice lady who is paid to turn up in a draughty community building once a week!

So now I have no false deadlines, I don't do daft things like weighing without my shoes on one week in order to register a (non-existant) weight loss (yes, shamefully and totally pointlessly I have done that..!). I'm just trying to be sensible, get some weight off gradually by adopting an eating pattern that works for me, and work out what it is I will need to do to maintain. I have a feeling that Monday weighins for ever more may be crucial!

So on here I ....

Chip in to people's messages - because that makes me think about sensible behaviour for myself too - and it's nice to help someone else out of course! (And it doesn't involved jumping into the fridge!).

Log my activity with Lizzy's round the world gang.

Always weigh in every Monday - even if it's been a dire week (no skipping the weigh-in is my number one rule).

And it's going well for me - I hope it works for you too.

I think being at home is hazardous - I'm lots better when I'm in the office than when I'm at home. I'm sure someone will chip in with their strategies for working at home without munching from home!

Good luck!

Jessanaut in reply to Hidden

Yes, I too have stripped off as much as possible for a sw weigh in which struck me as ridiculous even while I was doing it......

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

I know where you are coming from - carrying that extra load is not easy and temptation for short term pleasures is very hard to overcome. I have made the decision that this year, I will sort it.

Once the decision is made, (and it sounds like you have) just work on it one day at a time.

In fact - plan the next few hours ahead - then the next and so on. Concentrate on the do's not the don'ts for a more positive approach.

Do chop up a huge pile of vegetables and make a homemade coleslaw (with natural yogurt, salt pepper or a little curry powder and small amount of mayo) - for immediate nibbles!

Do cook up a pile of vegetables in some stock and put through the blender ready for the evening hungries.

Download a calorie counting app and keep an honest record of everything that goes in your mouth - including drinks, spoon lickings, grated cheese bits - the lot! Stop at 1400 cals but don't panic if slightly over - just climb the stairs once for every 50cals over!!

Do climb the stairs at least twice more than you would normally - unless you live in a bungalow?

Do post on here in a week's time - we do love to hear how other people are getting on!

Hi, welcome Anji23 :)

They are a lovely bunch on here, I have just completed week two. One thing struck me about your post, you have lost a stone since Christmas. That is amazing even if it's because you have been unwell or in spit of the pain, if you have not been dieting though check in with your GP. Apart from continuing to be unwell (is it a kind of flare up maybe), you carry on doing what you do and come on here to get support, read some of the funny posts and weigh in on every Monday. I have joined the round the world thread, not doing awfully well but getting a few miles in.

I too live with pain, weight slowly creeping up and just decided, enough is enough!

So onwards and downwards :)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Anji23,

So many great responses to your post already, it's a very supportive and friendly forum. I hope you''ll enjoy being part of our community.

I would like to give you links to 2 things. The first is a Welcome Newbie thread, collated by Moreless (a lovely member of the forum):

The second link is to today's Monday group weigh-in thread (Morning session):

There is also an afternoon/evening session, which will be posted at around midday today.

So feel free to join in anything you fancy, or just read things, whatever works best for you personally. But I'd recommend getting involved in the forum as much as you want to, as it's really supportive.

Lowcal :-)


Hello Anji

My weight also has caused big health problems and pain from arthritis 😕 This is also the major motivator for me. Exercise is problematic but not impossible 😊 Little and often is my mantra. The 30 minutes a day recommended can be 3x10 minutes. I have a mini cycle machine, I swim when I can, walk short distances (gradually increasing as I get slimmer and fitter) and have recently taken up yoga.

You have done really well, good luck in the continuation of your journey 😊😊😊


Linda_Bee2 stone

Hi Anji23

We've all been there - going down the slimming club route, losing weight and putting it back on but why I find this forum so much better (apart from it being free!) is that every day you can read the posts and realise you're not alone. You can get the motivation on a daily basis, rather than just weekly when you attend a class. I can't remember the last time I felt so motivated and have finally accepted that I'm not on a 'diet' I'm changing my lifestyle. I know there will be times when I fall off the wagon but hey, that's life. As long as you get back on, that's the main thing. You've already lost a stone, which is brilliant, so you know you can do it. Good luck.

Hi, I joined here this morning (light bulb moment) how are you finding it? Do you follow th NHS plan? Any help you can give me, and vice versa, would be greatly appreciated 👍

Hi Anj23

When I started I was sick of the pain from my knee which I have not been able to get rid of for 2 and a half years ,as my hubby and I go dancing several times a week this was a major problem I couldn't get up stairs without a stick , unable to walk far ,get out of chair etc.etc.

Now with over 3st loss knee doesn't hurt! well when you feel the weight of all the water I have been putting in my milk bottles as equivalent to weight I have lost its surprising my heart hasn't packed up altogether they are sooo heavy I cant believe I weighed that much more.

My motivating factor has to be that, and 25 wasted years being overweight and allowing it to creep on. it only stays off if I count calories and plan food before I need to eat it. I also realise I cannot go back to having treats, as basically they are killing me slowly and surely, If we are unfit and overweight statistically we will shorten our lives .

But the whole success of what I have done is really based round controlling the glucose in the blood because I then don't get cravings, so I have to work that out first in my calorie allowance.

Hope this is helpful, good luck x

Hi, took the words right out of my mouth! Same! Totally newbie to this, work from home and need to lose about 2 stones. Just found out I was diabetic; I have tried and tried, eating healthy and exercising - haven't lost an inch or a pound. However - my clothes are definitely feeling looser so I must be doing something right. I think the way forward would be focus on your calories - go for it, don't think just do - that's what I am going to do. Maybe start by just going for a brisk walk every morning if you want to start exercising?

Although i have only been back "on plan" for 2 weeks, there are a couple of hints that could be useful.

My best advice, is to plan for every meal and snack a day in advance... if you can prepare today what you'll eat /cook tomorrow, it takes the spontaneity away from impulse naughty snacking.

In the last week I have lost 7lb, simply from planning meal times for me and the hubby in advance. Don't get me wrong, I have snacked, but snacked on fat free yoghurt, grapes, strawberries, root veg crisps (aldi)...100g bag...1/4 bag is 1 serving... I take one bag to work and make it last the week.

If you need to walk to a shop, take the long route to extend your activity.

Sometimes our mind/body mistakes thirst or boredom for hunger... try having a glass of water instead of a snack, or a walk up and down the street as a distraction.

Hope this is helpful... I like reading the posts of others to get inspired and gain new ideas... especially in the "healthy eating" section. Xx

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