Is it realistic?

So I tried the Bmi calculator on the NHS website which told me I should weight between 7-10 stone. I feel the shape of my body and the build of me just wouldn't reach 7-10 stone or even look right at 7-10 stone! All the ladies in my family have similar body shapes and are over weight and when a couple lost weight and looked fab, they certainly didn't go as low as 7-10 stone! Maybe 12/13 stone which was better than their 18 stone!


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  • Personally, I'm ignoring the 'target weight' on the BMI calculator. I'm not convinced that I want to go as low as they suggest. But I don't think it matters right now because that would be more than a year away and is quite unmotivating. Plus, I like size 14 looks on other women, probably more than size 10 or under. So I'm just going to concentrate on losing 5% of my weight at a time. That's achievable and therefore much more motivating. Long term, who knows where I'll end up!

  • it can be quite disheartening to look at these charts 😕 I was advised to aim for 5-10% loss over 3-6 months, and I can really feel the benefits 😊 The eating plan i follow is easy and really suits me which is a major factor. I agree that we each need to set our own targets, mine is to be back in my wedding dress for my silver wedding next year, which is a size 16. If I carry on losing then great, but like you, thinking about being the right weight according to a number on a graph is disheartening 😕

    Good luck to us all 😊

  • The BMI system was devised by a Belgian mathematician over one hundred years ago and only considered height/weight/age? no accounting for skeletal frame or muscle/fat percentage so I do not really take it too seriously and like you, for me to be within the BMI recommended healthy range I would look very ill! BMI is not even mentioned at my doctors now and it may be far better to go by waist size? I know the weight I want to get down to and that is what I am aiming for 7lbs at a time to begin with :-) John

  • I think the others are right. My BMI lookup suggests I should be around 11 stone but I have no idea what that might actually look like. So my aim is to get to 12 stone (4 stone away) which is where I know I looked about right and I'll reassess the situation when (note "when" and not "if") I get there. I wouldn't worry about the end target at this stage, just aim to get the initial weight off.

  • Thanks guys, they are very. Reassuring words! I'm 18st 6 at the moment and just the thought of me between 7 & 10 is worrying! I'd look ill! I'm a hour glass shape and rather busty so I don't think my frame would suit 7-10 st! I quite like the look of size 14/16 clothing and I'm size 20/22 now so I'll work on it. Makes me feel better that there are others thinking their recommended weight is a not something they are comfortable with! Thank you 😊

  • Thank you Connolly13 for this post - I've just been told by the site to lose 22kg/3.5 stone and I freaked out! It's good to hear that others also don't think their goal passes the 'sense test'. As others have said, the number on the graph doesn't take everything into account. Since I've reached my adult height I've not been near the weight they've set as my goal, and I've been quite skinny at times! So I'm going to take it slow and set my own (more reasonable) targets as I go along.

  • Found this :)

    We have body mass analyser, hubby is a very slim and fit chap, who has a BMI of 24.5, the scales say his fat % is nearer 21%. The BMI works against you in many ways, it is so wrong. Hubby should eat between 1600 and 2600cal a day and his BMR is 1500cal according to BMI. He eats a healthy diet of around 1600 most days and rarely goes over 2000. If he did on a regular basis he would gain weight. I am supposed to burn 1400 BMR just to exist which means at that calorie intake I would lose weight. I maintain on that amount or less so my BMR does not use 1400 cal a day to keep me alive and never has. We are all different and according to BMI most athletes are over weight.

  • Fussing about what is wrong with BMI can just be an excuse to avoid getting started and losing *any* weight when you know perfectly well that you are carrying more than works for you.

    Even when a BMI chart is spot on, it is always going to be sensible to break your goals down into smaller chunks.

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