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Hi everyone. I signed up to this in January - fresh start for the new year and everything but my attempts have been pretty feeble and haphazard. I managed dry January, and have been quite consistent with C25K but am slipping rapidly back into poor habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. I need another boost. Help please! I am printing off week 1 today to try and track what I am eating and exercising, but could do with a blog buddy to share chat and motivation with... Any one out there available for regular check ups please?


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  • hi, i too,didn't make the big start i intended, but last two weeks something changed, don't know what but kept food diary exercised, managed a 2 lb loss and suddenly everything feels easier, long may it continue, hope you find the motivation.

  • Well done on your 2 lbs! That is great. I hope I can look back next week and see some positive change too. Thank you for your comment. Gemma

  • good luck, will look forward to watch how you are doing. you can do it

  • The first few days/weeks are always the hardest πŸ˜• Any change, no matter how small, is a positive one 😊 I was told that 150 calories a day less, plus 10 minutes exercise twice a day, is 1lb a week, 2 stone in s year 😊😊😊

    Lots of help and support on here, fingers crossed for you 😊


  • Wow! That is worth keeping in mind. Thank you! Gemma

  • Hi,

    I wouldn't say your efforts have been feeble - you managed dry January and you're doing the C25K. So you are making good progress - don't be so hard on yourself!

    Most people agree that planning is essential so try to set some time aside once a week to plan your meals and try your best to stick with it.

    Keep in touch with people on here as there is always someone around to give you some support :)

  • Thank you for the sound advice. I am already amazed by the support

    I have received. Feeling positive about the sreps I need to make now. Gemma

  • Hi Gemma,

    I've been there and got the t-shirt !! I think you've done the right thing and getting back to basics.

    I'm starting again after illness and have done exactly the same.

    Have a great week and check in anytime you fancy


  • Thank you flossie. Hope you are feeling better. Good luck with the fresh start. I will be in touch... Let me know how you are getting on too. Gemma

  • HI I too signed up in January but didn't manage to commit to anything. Now having put on another half a stone I have decided I need to take charge and loose the stone and a half I would like to by the summer. I really want to do it this time and hope I can find my will power and motivation to keep going. Well done for dry Jan and doing the C25K. Hopefully the print out will help you by logging what you are doing and enable you to keep on track. Good luck and keep us posted as to how you are doing.

  • Thank you for your reply. I hope you, like me can make a 'spring forward' and make the changes we need. Even today I have not managed to do what I felt positive about this morning. I suppose it really comes down to each and individual we make. But thanks for your positivity and good luck! Will keep in touch. Gemma

  • Thank you so much for your comment! I will try to keep posting. It is amazing how positive the support of others can make you feel. Good luck to you too. We just have to take each moment as it comes I think and try our best. I will keep in touch. Gemma

  • Hi Gemma,

    May I suggest that you come back to the monday group weigh-in? By sticking together, we're able to support and encourage each other and reading about other people's successes, or determination in the face of adversity, is really motivating :)

    You have dozens of buddies on this forum, all ready, willing and able to offer all the support you need :)

    Onwards and downwards :)

  • That is a good idea. I will start again today. Thank you.

  • Fantastic! See you on the weigh-in thread :)

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