Saturday weigh-in - finally something shifted

After what feels like months of nothing happening I finally lost 600 g this week. Didn't do anything different from the previous weeks, so it's all a bit perplexing. I hope this is the start of a further weight shift. Who knows? I do know it will be more difficult from now on as I've reached the upper range of normal BMI. Still too much belly fat though.

Anyway I shall enjoy my feeling of success for this week and keep struggling towards my goal.


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  • Well done! It is really hard to keep doing the right thing when you don't get positive feedback from the scales. Fantastic to have a normal BMI. You should be cheering. πŸ’πŸ’

  • It's great to hear that you have lost 600 g this week and hope that this is the start of a new trend after months nothing happening. That can't have been easy. Congratulations on being in the upper range of your normal BMI :-)

  • Hi JaySeeSkinny,

    Really great to hear that you've finally seen some weight loss on the scales - 600g is great. I hope you're right that this is the start of a further weight shift. Like you say, you're at the upper range of the normal BMI, so it will be more challenging to lose the weight, but if you keep focused and on track, then hopefully your patience will be rewarded.

    Wishing you a great weekend and a good week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done you. It is an uphill struggle but you will get there. Keep smiling

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Much appreciated!

  • Yay! Fantastic news! Keep going you are closed to that goal already! 😊

  • Woohoo JC, wtg you! Your persistence has paid off at last :) Keep plugging away and you'll get there, but in the meantime, celebrate how far you've come and the fact that you're not even the teeniest bit overweight. How fab is that?! :)

  • It's pretty fab when you put it like that! But I'm greedy - I'm not fit enough yet, too much belly fat etc., etc. 😈

  • We always want more, but if we ignore what we have, then we waste our whole lives searching for the elusive something, which never arrives ;)

  • Well done im so pleased me too good weight lost this week best ive had since starting diet...done more walking paid off lost double ususly its two this week its so pleased...well done all of us that have tried or stayed same we all deserve a big fat only joking.dont want to undo all our hard workxxx

  • 4 lbs (I assume!). that's brilliant. You really are on the right track. Hope this week is just as successful. Onwards and downwards😎

  • Thank you all for your support and praisesxxxkeep up good work all i knoe its hard...xx

  • Hi JaySeeSkinny, (good name!)

    One of my weight watcher chums reckons that those last lbs have been around the longest and they love us, which is why they take so long to shift. Having got to goal in the middle of my BMI range for all of one week, nearly a year ago, I have been gaining and losing and gaining ever since. Still not back to the top of the BMI range though! I was doing well shifting the Christmas weight, then last week, a lb went back on. Had stuck to the eating plan religiously, as I mostly do. But health is causing mobility probs, so that is probably it. One little wonder in my head, is that it is not the last week that shows at the scales this week but the one before. That would make more sense of this bad week: a loss; good week: a gain; pattern. Also I sometimes have some "forgotten" eating as consolation or celebration for that gain or loss at the scales on my weigh in day. What am I like?


  • Yes I've noticed that losses often seem to have more to do with the week before rather than the week just gone. But you can bet if you have a piggy weekend the scales punish you immediately!

  • Oh no! Just had a horrendous Sunday with 2 meals out and a drink (hence the 2nd meal out - damn you Wetherspoons). Still trying to work out the damage. Still back on it today, that might have to do.

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