Saturday weigh in and back to business

Hi everyone :-)

I'm back to writing my Saturday posts :-) I've had some time off from writing my own post and have been posting on our lovely Lowcal's Monday weigh in thread and thank you Lowcal for having me :-)

I am excited to be writing again about my journey and to share with you how my week has gone and what I have been through. Some of you already know me as Trafford1 and I am also known on here as T1 :-) Traff or Mrs T as I am newly wed :-) feel free to use which ever name you like as I love them all :-)

So about 4 weeks ago I had an injury to my hip from all the running or lifting some heavy weights or even a combination of them both and that put me out of action. I was gutted to say the least, then the following week I got this crazy pain in my chest which needed some investigation so went to see my doctor as the pain was on the left side of my chest and traveled down my arm. I got the all clear from the doctor, but still couldn't do any exercise as it was so uncomfortable to do anything. Both the injury and pain to the chest had really set me back as far as exercise goes. Then I had the wedding which was one of the best days of my life and again I took that week off to relax. So it was 3 weeks I had off.

The time came to weigh in last week to see what the damage was and I was shocked to say the least.

Now I knew I had gained weight which was fine, but I had gained 10 lbs OMG. So I knew I had to get back to business and sprung back into action and began working out. It has been a tough week building my cardio back up after being out of action and I have felt every bit of each workout.

I'm not one to give up on myself so continued to fight this week to shift as many of those unwanted lbs and today I am pleased to report that I have lost 8 lbs :-) This week I weigh 10 stones 12 pounds, so back into the 10's for me :-) woohoo and thank goodness I have been able to turn things around. I feel I am back on track, I'm just as motivated as ever, determined and fully focused.

I have learned this week that you can turn any situation around. Just remember your worth it :-)

Have a great weekend everyone :-) and good luck on your journey's :-)

Trafford1 x


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21 Replies

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  • Firstly congratulations for getting married!! Who can blame you for gaining weight. Amazing action taken by you though and it just shows what we all can do if we put our mind to it. Thanks for sharing and continue the great work :)

  • Thank you Stephb :-) On this journey I have gained weight on my birthday, Christmas and now the week I got married so have kept a really good record and I am chuffed to bits with this weeks result. I did put my mind to losing the extra weight and now there are no more celebrations for a while I plan on staying right on track :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Mrs T,

    Great to see you're back from your Wedding celebrations and posting your Saturday updates again - they make such inspiring reading, and cheer up Saturday - making an excellent start to the weekend, so thank you! It was lovely of you to join us for a while in the Monday group weigh-ins, and anytime you want to pop in there, I hope you will. But I'm really happy you're doing the Saturday updates, as they are brilliant! :-)

    Wow, the figure of 10's is obviously quite a theme for you, as even when you gained some weight, it ended up being a '10'. Glad to hear you're been able to get rid of 8 of those pounds almost straight away, and Congratulations on being back in the 10's again. You'll soon be back to 10 stone 10 pounds - I suspect you'll make it in the next week - but just pace yourself, and you'll be fine. You've had quite a lot to contend with regarding your injuries, and I hope you'll continue to recover and feel 100% again very soon.

    If people haven't seen your Wedding photos yet, then I would say - take a look, as Mrs T is looking sooooo beautiful - a really beautiful Bride, and the one with your 2 daughters alongside you really did confuse many people into thinking you were sisters and not mother and daughters.

    It's wonderful that you had such a lovely day, and I hope you are enjoying married life and having a great weekend.

    Good luck with your goals for this week, and really well done for getting back on track and losing 8 pounds this week. Wow!

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done in getting back to it and losing those lbs so promptly. I am glad you are feeling better after the injuries too!

  • Thank you LotToLose :-) feels great to have lost all that weight so promptly and to be feeling so much better.

  • Hi Lowcal :-) I am so happy to be back posting my Sat weigh and this will indeed help to keep me on track. I will still be popping along to the Monday weigh in's with you so don't worry about that :-)

    I knew you would say that about the 10's that's why I didn't want to reveal it when I posted last I was just waiting for it LOL :-) 10 lbs was a massive about to have gained, but having all that time off coupled with eating lot's of lovely cake, eating out drinking champagne and not just on the wedding day teehee :-) it was bound to happen, but I have had an amazing time and wouldn't change a thing about it.

    I am hoping that this week brings me back down to 10/10 and then I can take things from there so a 2 lb loss this coming week would be great. I have lot's to chose from in the freezer and fully stocked up on my fish and bulgar. I have a nice selection from Trout being number 1 to smoked haddock fillet, salmon and white fish. Oh and tuna fish, I even have battered fish which I might have mid week with some mushy peas and sweet potato chips. Yum.

    Can't wait to get my fitness back up to 100 % and I hope that happens during the next 7 days I'm running at about 90 % at the moment which is good considering. I feel so much lighter now so I'm happy about that. It's amazing just how much you can feel the extra weight.

    Married life is wonderful and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have been busy this week with the name change and sending off proof. Not quite finished, but all the important changes have been made so can relax a bit now.

    The wedding photo's are lovely and anyone reading this please take a look :-)

    Thank you for your continued support Lowcal and all you wonderful and kind words. I always love reading you reply :-)

    I will be speaking with you on Monday, but for now have a lovely weekend hun x

    Mrs T :-)

  • Hi Mrs T,

    I am so happy to hear you'll still be joining us on Mondays for the weigh-in - afterall, that is great to hear! Just think, this week you're contributing at least an 8 pound loss - and probably more by Monday!

    I know you'll soon get back to 10 stone 10 pounds - the 10's are your number!

    I will try my best to be in the 12's for Monday, but I'm not back there yet!!! I must be good this weekend... :-)

    I've had some delicious scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast this morning, so I am feeling full-up and satisfied, and I've got a soup for lunch (again with some wholegrain toast), and then some Sea bass fillets (they were only Β£2.50 per pack of 2 fillets as I managed to get them on special offer - i.e. to be used by today) - and they will go really nicely with some lovely fresh vegetables and some baked chips.

    Enjoy your trout - if that's your first choice for today - you have a lovely range of delicious fish for this week. Fish is so tasty and healthy. I love it.

    Here's to a great weekend to all of us.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I find it hard to be good on Sat as I do like to have some red wine and we are, planning on going out for a bite to eat and some drinks which is something we have never done before (going out for drinks that is) and I thought it would be nice to do this now we are married :-) it's funny to think that we have been together over 24 yrs and never once gone out for a drink together. We will see not sure yet.

    Yum sea bass sounds nice Lowcal :-) I have only tried this once when it was on offer and I found it to be a very nice light meaty fish. Would try it again, but trout is my number 1 choice when it comes to fish. Hope you enjoy your meal tonight and I am sure it will be beautifully prepared as all your meals are :-) Your meals for today all sound like good choices.

    Good luck for Monday Lowcal :-) it's not here yet so you still have time to get back down into the 12's and I wish you every success in doing so hun :-)

    Mrs T x

  • Thanks Mrs T - hope you enjoy your evening out for a bite to eat plus some drinks. :-)

  • Hi Trafford,

    Sorry you were so unwell on the lead up to your big day - but clearly it didn't ruin it for you though.

    It really is scary how quickly the lbs can pile on isn't it?! But the great thing we learn on this journey is how quick newly gained weight can be lost.

    Well done for shedding most of those new lbs :)

    Hope you are enjoying life as a married lady :D

  • Thank you sueper :-)

    It is scary how quickly the lbs can pile on and I didn't think it would have been as much as it was. It is great to know that we can shift a gain quite quickly armed with what we have learned on our journeys and I for one could not let that sit around for too long. I'm proud of myself today for what I have achieved this week and aim to hopefully shift the rest by next week.

    I am enjoying married life hun :-) Being a Mrs really suits me :-)

    Have a lovely weekend sueper :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Mrs T,

    Great to have you back, your journey and acheivements know no boundsπŸ˜ƒ

    The reality of how quick those Ibs bounce back always astound me, but I've got no doubt you will turn it around 😜 Fab result 8Ibs πŸ˜ƒ

    This journey is always a path of learning and you are so right, any situation can be turned around we just have to be honest with ourselves🌟

    Enjoy your week


  • Hi flossie :-)

    Thank you and it's good to be back posting on Saturdays again :-)

    I see you are back to posting on Friday again which is also great and nice to have you back to :-)

    That was my biggest gain ever and the way I looked at it was an OMG moment then followed by a lot of thinking as to how I can change this negative result into a positive result and that's when I began working out and planning everything this week. A good result came from it all so I'm truly happy. This journey is a path of learning and it's never going to be easy, but as long as we remember this is a 'change for life' and continue on our path then everything will work out just fine :-)

    Have a great week ahead floss and a lovely weekend :-)

    Mrs T x

  • Wow T1, you never cease to amaze me. It doesn't matter what's thrown your way, you're always able to put a positive spin on it :)

    We should all take a leaf out of your book. It's no use crying over spilt milk, we just need to mop it up and keep going.

    Those were some scary injuries that you had, especially the pain in your chest - thank goodness they weren't more serious, even if the were annoyingly debilitating. Your running's coming on in leaps and bounds and I know you'll be back to 100% sooner, rather than later.

    How you kept your cool after discovering your 10lb gain, I do not know?! In true T1 style though, you took it in your stride and sent those pounds packing! I know the last 2 will follow shortly - you are a weight losing machine! :D

    Please keep writing your saturday updates, because we all love to read them, they give us an extra push at the weekend, when sometimes enthusiasm wanes. I'm a bit slow responding to you today, because I kept getting sidetracked by other great posts. How fantastic is this forum? What a great team we are! Keep up the great work for yourself and keep up the great work for us, please. When are you taking your personal trainer exams? We need you! :D

  • Personal trainer exams :-) I love it :-)

    You always make me smile moreless and I thank you for that hun :-) your such a star x

    Thank you for your lovely reply you always know just what to say. I know there is no use crying over spilt milk so I didn't I just got on with it and look at me now :-) buzzing with this result. All the hard work has paid off. Getting back to 100 % this week will make me a very happy girl as I have really felt the workouts this week. My motto is if you ain't dying you ain't trying and that's what I told myself and it seen me through :-) the last 2 will soon be a thing of the past I am sure and I am hoping that it will be next week to stay on track.

    The forum is a great place and we are a great team and I'm glad that I have decided on posting again on Sat now I am settled.

    Hope your having a great weekend and I will catch up with you in the Monday thread :-) best wishes x

    T1 :-)

  • Congrats on an amazing u-turn from your (lucky?) 10lb gain T1! I'm guessing a lot of it may have been water gain if it was gained and lost so quickly? But whatever it was it's gone now. Hopefully you'll have a long straight run to reach your goal weight now, but while also being careful about your chest and hip. Glad you're back on form now and loving married life, but listen to your body if it starts complaining again. Sending healing vibes and loads of congrats for achieving exactly what you set out to do. RCR :)

  • When I saw I had gained 10 lbs I immediately thought of all the 10's you referred to in previous replies (lucky) well not so lucky to gain that amount, but like you say Ruth I have made an amazing u-turn and happy that it all worked out and 8 lbs is gone. I am hoping to have a long straight run to reach my goal now and looking forward to posting on Saturdays again which will keep me in check. I still haven't used MFP for a considerable amount of time now, about 2 months I think, so must get back to using this moving forward. Will listen to my body, but hopefully no more injuries will set me back.

    Thank you RCR :-)

    T1 x

  • Dear MrsT nice to have your Saturday post back. I have been smiling ever since about your gorgeous wedding pictures. I hope your chest and hip muscles have recovered properly. Given the amount you do a three week break from training will probably in the long run help you achieve your fitness goals.

    I can't get my head around gaining and losing so much weight in such a short time. Amazing. Have a good week.

  • Thank you Gonti :-) :-) it's good to be posting on Saturdays again and I have certainly missed it. I love the wedding photo's so much and it's lovely to hear that they made you smile, thank you. I may just put another one on here shortly.

    I agree that a 3 day break will help me achieve my fitness goals, but it's so hard for me not to train as exercise has become addictive in a good way. I think once I achieve the number on the scales I want to see then I will be able to relax and take that 3 day break :-)

    It's crazy to have gained so much and then lose the majority in such a short time. Like Ruth said it was more than likely water weight which is a good thing as it's gone now. I'm glad to be back in the 10's and can go from here now. I'm going to be planning every single meal this week and have plenty of healthy options on the menu. I can't wait to see what next week brings.

    Have a lovely week Gonti :-)

  • Great work! Well done! 😊

  • Thank you asics :-)

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