This week I am 1 pound lighter

Friday 26th February 2016

It's weigh in day today and I have lost 1 pound. It's not a whole lot but it's still coming off, which I feel happier about. Yesterday, I sat down and planned out my whole week's food menu. I am off to the cinema on Tuesday but I am so determined to succeed. I have planned to start learning to climb on Tuesday Evenings, hopefully that will build my core muscles or at least find them. So yes, that is my weekly update.

Last Weigh in : 16st 1lb

Current weight: 15st 12lbs

Total Weight Loss: 4.5lbs


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8 Replies

  • Well done!

  • Well done :D If your last weight was 16st 1lb and you now weigh 15st 12lbs then you've lost 3lbs though!!

  • Hi Sorenlorensen90,

    Wow, that's a great result for your weigh-in, and Congratulations on losing 1 pound this week. Great that you're feeling happy. That's a good feeling. :-)

    Also, brilliant that you've already planned your whole week's food menu for next week - I think pre-planning is really helpful. Hope you enjoy your trip to the cinema on Tuesday. I bet your plan to learn to climb will really help your core muscles and strength - your weekly update is inspiring.

    Congratulations also on your total weight loss of 4.5 pounds, and to getting into the 15's. That's really great!

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Soren and into the 15's too! Keep up the good work :)

  • You have done well and I like the sound of your climbing challenge, that will be fun. It is great to be able to do things that our weight held us back from, previously.

    In your case it is definitely "onward and upward"!

  • Well done on losing 1 lb this week and on losing a total of 4.5lb on your journey :-)

  • Weldone,nice

  • Are you still active on here? How do you stay motivated throughout, and do you ever get hungry on SlimmingWorld?

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