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Stagnant weight

Short of not eating a full square meal, each time at lunch, I may have to start eating just a small salad and fruit as I find my weight had come to a full stop at 11 stone...:( I did hit the 10 stone mark about 5 years ago...why can't it happen again? I stand on the scales each morning to see a small difference but dont...maybe I dont exercise enough.

Someone once told me she would eat grapefruit a lot so I had grapefruit for a while...i think I did lose some weight off then...must try them again...

Good luck all...any ideas or suggestions would be well received. Keeping up with my pilates stretches as soon as I get out of bed. :)

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Hi Missussim,

Have you had a look at the NHS 12 week plan? Here's a link to it here:


It has lots of good advice and also an excellent structure. That would be my recommendation to you, as it's important to eat a balanced and sustaining eating plan, full of nutrients your body needs to function well - and the NHS 12 week plan has lots of great advice as to how to do that.

Wishing you success with your goals.

Lowcal :-)

p.s. There is also lots of good information in the 'Welcome Newbie' post (see the Pinned posts section - right-hand-side of the homepage), it's a post put up by Moreless, who collated the information. Worth a read as there are lots of suggestions in that post.


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