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Well started day one yesterday and blew it by 5 last evening , however today I've got through it and it's now emmerdale - bath - and bed such a boring life)-so I'm ok today . Cannot believe I couldn't even get through one day --maybe I just needed to get my head around it , anyway just wanted to be honest with myself by telling you -I've decided I won't beat myself up about it -so meals planned for tomorrow 😃

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Hi you have done well coming on and admitting it although you haven't done anything wrong good luck tonight but you sound positive. There are a lot of great people on this site to help you out moreless has a link that she puts up 😁👍

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Hi Nuttynanny60,

Hi again, and glad to see you coped till 5pm yesterday, as that's almost the entire day - that's a great start! You've also coped today, and it's great to hear you're doing ok. Don't be hard on yourself re: yesterday, it can be tough at first making changes, and things do take time to adjust to. Also, habits take time to form - I can't remember the average length of time, but it's a while!

You've got your meals planned for tomorrow, and I hope you have a great day!

Lowcal :-)



Hope today has been better for you - planning is key and if need be fill up on a bit of water and the odd sugar free jelly.

As has already been said it takes a while - if you aim for a lifestyle change making a few changes as you go a long you may find it easier to maintain long term.

Good luck for tomorrow :)


That is great. So you've proved that you can do it. So, just repeat! Sometimes we have to do it to prove to ourselves we can. Looking forward to your next weigh in. They do say that health is about what we do 80% of the time. Perhaps you can promise yourself a day off once a week after weighing, as long as you get a loss. I am sure that once you see those lbs coming down, the success will boost you through the next week. Good luck.


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