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The very first weigh in

I was dreading it and I was looking forward to it in equal measures. I started the program on Tuesday last week, so I had 1 day minus so to speak, and I also had a few slips. So I was convinced the scale will show no difference. Still I am 0.8 kg lighter than last week. I am over the moon- which is silly. But it proves that every little effort last week help: not taking sugar in my coffee, saying no to the beer in the pub and ordering diet coke instead, and the aerobic classes that were surprisingly hard at first.

This -0.8kg is exactly the right amount of encouragement I needed. I hope everyone had a similar experience, or better.

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Hi Curlybayleaf,

I love your name, it's really nice! Really great that you've lost 0.8kg in your first week - it's definitely great that you're feeling over the moon, not silly at all. :-) Really pleased for you, it's a great result. :-)

You've made some very positive changes this week, and like you say those things all add up. Great to hear that your experience at your aerobic classes is getting easier too. Sounds like good fun.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Have you seen our 'Welcome Newbie' thread (put together by a lovely member called Moreless)? If not, and you fancy reading it, then the link is here:


There are various challenges going on in the forum - and you can read about them in the thread. If you like the idea of a group weigh-in, then we do have a Monday group weigh-in session, but just do whatever you fancy - the idea is that it's whatever motivates you best that counts.

Lowcal :-)

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Fabulous - what a great start!

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Thank you! :)


Well done, Curly. What a great start to your weight loss journey. Just shows how a little thought and planning pays great dividends. Glad to know that you are still managing a social life. Some people when they start go off grid till they know how to cope in social situations, but you seem to have cracked it straight off. Hope that second week loss matches or beats your first.


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Thanks Venus, I have not even thought about that! Glad you have showed me another opinion :)

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