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Getting back on track!


It has been a while since my last post and in the time that has past I have really let myself down.

In my last post I said I weighed 13.4st, at the beginning of 2016 I weighed myself at 14.3st. Nearly a stone!

I shocked myself into going the gym regularly, which I am proud to say I have kept up since the beginning of the year. But I have struggled to shed the pounds.

I weighed myself yesterday and weighed 13.13st, it's heading in the right direction but I can't help but feel a little defeated. I know my problem is my diet I have regular takeaways and snack a lot when I get home from work and the gym so all the effort I put into exercise is just lost when I get home! I need to find the motivation to change my diet for the better and get out of this rutt!

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Vicky,

Welcome back. Well done for keeping up your regular gym sessions, that takes discipline to do that - really good.

Great to hear you're back into the 13's again, and your weight is heading in the right direction again.

I'm not sure if we had our 'Welcome Newbie' pack when you were last here or not, so I hope you don't mind my drawing your attention to it, but Moreless (a lovely member on here) took the time to put it together and it really is a helpful resource in highlighting the different things that are going on in the forum currently, and I really hope that you might like to join in some things, if anything takes your fancy.

Here's a link to her Welcome Newbie thread:

Please do join in the Monday group weigh-in sessions if you would like to have group support for your weigh-ins.

Whatever you decide to do, I'd like to wish you a successful weight-loss journey. You're already going in the right direction - onwards and downwards.

Lowcal :-)

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Thanks a lot lowcal I'll have a look at the link 😊


Hi vicky_whitfield, after reading your post I remembered something. Most gyms offer one off, pre payed or free consultations. Maybe you should change your gym regime around a bit to give your weight loss a kick. Some of the trainers are super nice and supportive and maybe you just need to refresh your regime to boost your weight loss.

(I am not trying to talk you off changing your diet for the better- just saying ;)

Well done on getting to the gym on a regular basis, I find it leaves me less time to nibble in the evenings by the time I have showered and made dinner.

Maybe if on your days off you made yourself some healthy home-made takeaway type of meals that you can just shove in the oven/microwave on those busy evenings.

Likewise, just have healthy snacks to hand for when the munches strike!

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Very good advice thank you ☺

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