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Week 5

This week: 1460cal/day, 61min activity/day, weight change -4lb, Waist change -1"

So pleased after last week's pancake 0.5lb increase. Back on track at exactly 2lb/week loss. Broke the 10lb weight loss barrier and more important for me the 14st barrier, and another inch off my waist.

I've discovered that weekends are the danger zone for me. Too much contact with my fridge! Also 1900/day is too much for me to loose the weight.

44lbs and 22 weeks to go

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Well done x

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Hi. Just joined and am happy I have as I need a lot of tips and support.


Hi F.B.,

Congratulations on your 4 pound loss and to your 1 inch waist reduction - plus achieving your activity levels and sticking to your calories. Glad Pancake increase is out of the way. Fantastic that you've got through the 14 stone barrier. Well done.

Wishing you another great week ahead, and good luck with the weekends.

Lowcal :-)


Well done, you are on track! I agree about the weekends, they seem to cause problems for everyone.

At least now the weather is improving, we can get outside and exercise more at the weekend!



You seem to be just racing through the weight loss programme and sticking to it. Well done, I wish I had your motivation and commitment.


My motivation is that I had to come off the blood pressure tablets, so the only way to avoid a possible stroke is to loose the weight. I don't think you want that kind of motivation, but thanks for your kind words.


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