My jeans fit again!

Just after Christmas my warm 'thick' jeans were so tight I could hardly do them up and if I did I couldn't breathe. Now, only 8 lbs lighter they fit me - whoo hoo! To be honest it took me 6 weeks to lose 4 lbs on my own but since joining the forum I've lost 4 lbs in the past 2 weeks as my motivation has improved so much. Because of my age (69 in May) I accept that it will probably take me some time to get rid of the 1.1/2 stone I still want to lose but it's amazing how much difference 8lbs makes and it saved me spending more money on jeans (although I will be delighted when I have to spend money on new ones which are a size smaller!). Have a good week everyone.


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6 Replies

  • Congrats! I hear you when you say the forum is keeping you motivated! Me too :D

    It is weird how after only a bit of weight loss your clothes all of a sudden start feeling so much better

  • Isn't it great, I know the feeling, we are getting there x

  • Hi Linda_Bee,

    Great that your jeans fit you again. You're 8 pounds lighter, that's fantastic! :-) It sounds like you've really fired up your feelings of motivation, and that's spurring you on. Really great!

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yaaaay Linda! What a result! :)

  • Yep,

    It slows down big time !!! That metabolism thingy.... Lol well done 👍👍👍

    And I'm pleased it's not only me who finds it very difficult to shift those troublesome pounds.....

    Keep going and it's great to hear from like minded people xx

  • Great post Linda_Bee and well done on your 8 lb weight loss and for getting back into your jeans. It's always nice to get back into something you grew out of and feel comfortable wearing them again. I am sure that you will be making a visit to the shops soon enough buying that next size down though so make the most of them cause they won't fit you for long :-)

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