So I've discovered my new favourite thing....


I have a total love of all things pasta - I could quite happily just have pasta for every single meal, and that is one of the major factors for my weight gain. Even when going to the gym, I would feel hungry and have a boat load of pasta to 'fill the gap'. The other day in the supermarket I saw that they had little packs of courgetti, and thought I might try it, but that it may ultimately be a bit naff.

IT WAS AWESOME. Even though it obviously doesn't taste the same as pasta, it ultimately means I can have a similar meal as I love, but with a smaller portion, a bit less sauce and significantly fewer calories!

I feel that I'm very late on this train, but if a trend helps me on my journey it's got to be good, right?


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12 Replies

  • Hi Rose

    Pasta is my downfall too and that's why I struggled to lose weight with slimming world as pasta was classed as 'free food' (I don't know if this is still the case). I have also tried courgetti, I know it's all in the mind but it really does feel like I'm eating spaghetti. Sometimes though, I just mix in a fraction of the spaghetti that I'd usually have and that makes it even better :-)

    Best of luck in sticking to the plan this week


  • Oh no! If someone said to me pasta was free food I'm be very happy, but also a lot bigger than I am now :S

    I think that's it - if you feel you're eating pasta, you don't really feel like you're dieting. I'm thinking of making carbonara with courgetti as my treat day once a week, so the sauce is still more calorie-laden than I would like, but I'm not blowing my weight loss by adding a lot of carbs into the mix.

    I've got a lovely smoked salmon fillet and salad for lunch today, so feeling good so far!

  • I also tried the butternut squash noodles at the weekend, which are really nice. I love using spiralizer veg instead of noodles in stir-frys too, if that's something you're into?

  • I definitely need to get a spiralizer! I only just discovered this the other day (doh!), but think it will make a big difference in terms of 1. how much veg I eat and 2. cutting out a boatload of carbs

    The stir fry idea sounds delicious, going to have to try this...

  • Hi Rose-A,

    I tried a recipe using spiralized vegetables, although I used pre-packaged ones from a shop - here's a link to my recipe, and there were quite a few comments on that from other members, which you might also like to read:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Awesome! Thankyou!!

  • I would recommend this one:

    I had a little black one that's shaped like an hourglass, but it shredded my fingers every time - this one gives a thicker noodle, wasted less, and hasn't cut my fingers either. I have a small kitchen, so can't have a big one.

    I use courgette, beetroot and carrots in stir-frys, it's really nice! And my OH liked it, despite normally hating carrot or courgette!

  • Oh man that looks perfect and oh so tiny! Thank you so much, off to buy one now!

  • I'm also a big fan of courgette - takes 2 mins to make and tastes good - favourite at the moment is courgetti + pasata + tuna (in brine) and some hot sauce to pep it up.

  • Oooooh another recipe to try :P

  • Experiment with Philly Cheese & natural yogurt for a less fattening creamy sauce. Also a tin of Ratatouille makes a good tomato based sauce.

  • Ooooh yes, I used to use cream a lot and am not sure what to substitute!

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