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joining you all as a last resort

joining you all as a last resort

hi, hope im posting on the right page , im joining you all in the morning as my last hope , I just need likeminded people who are on the same journey as me , ive been accepted for surgery ,but im scared as hell,and so ashamed with myself that I need to go down that road, so here goes ,NHS popped up in my newsfeed so I told myself its a sign , I need to lose at least 10 stone as im touching 23 stone (will weigh in tomorrow morning with my start weight) see you all in the morning xx

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Good luck - I was 24st 7lb this time last year and now under 20 stone so it can be done. Still got a way to go but this site is a fab place for support.

Cut down on snacks and portion sizes and if you can, do some walking and the lbs will come off.

Feel free to join my easter bunny challenge too - may help motivate you for the first few lbs :)



Good luck, you've come to the right place. Someone will be along soon to do the proper introductions!


im not too good on the computer but im hoping I see all the replies etc ,-I CAN DO THIS!!!!! feeling good about it xx

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There are loads of people on here in a similar situation. Some of them have lost huge amounts of weight and are a real shining example. Have a look at a few posts. I personally have "only" lost 3 stone and am just within normal range. It took me a year and I still have a way to go before I feel "safe". You've taken the first step by making the decision to lose weight. Good luck!


Well we are happy you joined us


Hi Nuttynanny60, welcome to this forum and the beginning of the rest of your life!!

I was 22st 10lb when I started taking charge of my life 2 1/2 years ago, when I retired at 60, so be assured you are not only. Initially I spent a few months getting some health issues checked out and trying not to gain any more weight.

Since October 2013 I have aimed to eat 3 meals a day with health snacks. I did not calorie count but I have gradually reduced the bread, potatoes and other carbs but topped up with lots of veg, salad and fruit. I only set myself small targets, no more then 7lbs or 3kg at a time. If I want to eat something that is more expensive, i.e. Smoked salmon or a mango I do, why not I deserve it.

During this time I have had the support of seeing an NHS Dietitian every few months and the support of my husband, family and friends but in the end I think we have to do this for ourselves, it is the only way to keep going.

I now weigh 13st 13lbs, which is still unbelievable to me, with 3lbs left to go to get to 9st lost and my BMI down to 30 from 49. It has by no way been easy all the time, there have been a few times when I have had short periods of binge eating. But I have got back to my healthy eating. When special occasions and holiday have come up I have allowed myself some leeway but only for that time.

Sorry to go on a bit but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and that there are people out here who have been there and have some understanding of your pain.



thank you Ros1 ,you have no idea how your words have made me feel, thank you for sharing your story with me , I hope in a years time I can do the same for another newbie starting out on their journey , can I print your words and put them on my desk, they will keep my spirits up whenever I feel like giving up <3


I'm so pleased that my words have been some help in getting you started on your journey to health. I'm very happy for you to print what I wrote and I hope you don't mind if I follow you so I can know how you are getting on.

If at an time you want to message me I will try to be here for you. Us girls who know what it is to put up with the heartache of being so big have got to stick together. 🤗


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