Why do I eat it!!!!

I eat my breakfast, I eat my lunch, I eat my tea, every meal planned and thought about. So then why do I eat everything I should in between!!!! I know I should not be eating in between meals I even snack on fruit but then I find myself with a biscuit,cake, or even the chocolate sprinkles out of the baking cupboard!! I feel so good when I wake up, then my mind says eat! I feel like if food was a cigarette I would be on a hundred a day (I have never smoked but I kinda feel the addiction) that's it I've said it iv become addicted to food!!!! I am now 14.8 and 5ft 4 I have watched my weight increase and hate it and hate the way I look.

Sorry to rant on but it is the first time I have put it in writing how I feel.😖


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  • Have you looked at the 12 week plan? I think you shoukd use it to plan your mels and plan not to get hungry. Do while you adjust plan in low calorie snacks too. It takes some adjusting but it does work.

  • I will have a look and also I have said I will do the easter challenge 8lb in 8 weeks hopefully x

  • Hi Whyweight123,

    It can really help to put down your feelings sometimes, and hope you felt better for doing so.

    Aqua has made a great suggestion, in terms of taking a look at the NHS 12 week plan. Also, there's a 'Welcome Newbie' thread that has been collated by Moreless that you might like to have a read through. The link to the 12 week plan is one of the first links she recommends there, plus there are lots of other things that members have highlighted as being good about this forum:


    Hope you'll enjoy being part of our community, and good luck with your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you glad I found this site. So many things to read, and relate to I'm sure it will help x

  • I know exactly what you mean, I was like that for years. Now though as Aqua_marine has suggested, I have low cal snacks like a few cherry tomatoes, a little fruit or some carrot, cucumber or red pepper sticks, etc.

    Also, maybe this thought will work for you, though its hard to explain; I ask myself what I would do if I was catering for a family member who needed to eat healthily and lose weight (or be really ill). Well it wouldn't be chocolate or biscuits for snacks, for example, I'd want to help them, not make them worse, so why should I treat myself any different? Don't know if that makes sense, but I'm sure you get the idea.

    Well, as they say on this forum, onwards and downwards, and good luck 😊

  • That's a good tip - pretend you are helping someone else! We are often kinder to other people than we are to ourselves. All of us are worth looking after with good healthy food. I like that idea. :)

  • Thank you ; fabulous tip there ! X

  • Not saying this will work for everyone but as an idea. I have porrige for breakfast, a veggie soup for lunch or boiled eggs on toast then a proper dinner either veggie based or fish. This leaves me a few hundred calories for snacks like rice cakes, fruit or oatcakes even a slice of toast. I have been losing weight. I cp array it a bit more at weekends.

    Every diet has to suit an individual but it is doable with a bit of planning.

  • Hi Why weight,

    Im glad you could write it down and im sure this site will help spur you on :) One of the things I did to avoid this is to make sure it wasnt available. Try to make sure you have eaten and are content before you go shopping so you dont make impulse buys and try to avoid buying the high kCal treats.

    Best of luck :)

  • Hi, I used to be just the same! I used to luv the glace cherries! Then I thought to myself " do you really want to be doing this for the rest of your life! " It made me re think everything! I've been yo yo dieting for years! Not good! So I'm doin it for ME!! So I'll be healthier, fitter, look lush!!!! Ha ha well maybe! But seriously you've got to " WANT " it! Keep that in mind when your reaching for the cake, biscuits or choc sprinkles! There's a treat cupboard in our house that I have never even opened the door for 5wks! It's not easy and I struggle like everyone else, but I'm determined, this time I'm gonna DO it!! Good luck, keep in touch with everyone! It helps :)

  • Its all to do with glucose spikes, spread out the small amount of carbs and don't eat anything with sugar or too much fruit. I have now lost 2st 8lbs by sticking to that and I don't crave any more, good luck

  • Hi.I am like you in many ways.I eat sensible meals throughout the day ,but come the evening its a different story.I can even eat things I don't really like.Its like being on a roller coaster ,can't stop.😡I thought of smoking also,but can't stand the taste.I'm 5.1 so every pound shows .

  • I don't know if it is possible in your household (but as I live alone, I can do what I like, hehe), how about not having anything in the house that is unsuitable for snacking?

    Also, this is a biggie, but has worked for me and that is to cut out sugar completely. I had a health scare last summer and decided sugar was at fault, so went cold turkey. I was very bad-tempered for about two weeks while my body got used to it as well as my mind. I realised just how much I medicated my moods with sugary snacks. I wasn't dieting at the time, so I was able to switch to savoury snacks and didn't lose any weight. In fact, I may have gained weight during that time as I was over-compensating. If I had been logging my calories it would have been different, I am sure.

    Anyway, after a weigh-in at the surgery last August, where I weighed the highest I have ever weighed I began the NHS 12-week plan in September and - still consuming no sugar - I have now lost just under 60lbs!

    Because I don't have the highs and lows that processed sugar causes, I don't have those massive cravings that used to consume my mind every day, all day.

    Sorry, I have rambled on a bit here with my story, but I just wanted to suggest the no sugar thing.

  • Hi.Funnily enough I was reading about cutting out sugar only last night.I have a terrible sweet tooth and know it won't be easy.But I'm sure sugar is the route of my problem.Its so hard to stay strong when husband sits there eating all those yummy things.😨

  • Hi Rosie,

    Having just enough low Gi, low fructose carbs to replenish what is used from our glycogen helps keep sugar cravings at bay.

  • Have you considered that what you eat may not be providing what you need, and may even trigger you to eat something else? Fructose for example doesn't satisfy the appetite and in excess causes the harmful fats that emanate from the liver resulting in NAFLD, central adiposity, leading to insulin resistance, and potentially diabetes.

  • Thank you for all the support and advice I am a real sweet tooth and if I look at my diet I do eat to much sugar. I don't think I could go cold turkey, but I will start cutting back. My first aim is to start writing down everything again this does help put what you eat in a true prospective, especially if you have to use two pages!

    I will also try and find lower sugar and calorie snacks to have at hand to fulfil the munchies.

    Here's to a new start and new beginning xx

  • Hey, I completely understand where you are coming from. I am exactly the same. I plan all my meals and they are healthy then ear crap Inbetween :( it becomes a cycle almost and breaking it is difficult. You should try the nhs 12 week plan. its not easy espically if you are a snacker (which I am) but it makes you realise just how many calories are in what you eat and helps you make better choices. I use my fitness pal to track calories as they have a barcode scanner on it which is great when you pick up a chocolate bar or packet of crisps.

    It's a small changes for long term results type thing. And remember everyone on here supports each other which helps a lot.

  • I have the same issue as you. I have a sweet tooth.

    My only solution has been to initially reduce the size of the slices and only allow myself 1-2 biscuits a day

    I have gotten to the stage where I can forgo a slice of cake and eat one biscuit with my tea

    I used Rice Cakes ( Caramel) to kill my cravings I used to have I or 2, as a daily snack in the evening Less calories and better than a slice of cake or 1/2 packet of biscuits I am sure you may have another alternative that you enjoy

    At the beginning I was terrible because I would eat the Rice Cake packet in the space of 2 days . But it worked for me because I don't crave cake and biscuits as much and if I do a smallest portion satisfies me.

    Don't be too hard on youself. It's not easy to break old habits / behavioural patterns. When you are aware of what you are doing and that you need to change , it's a good start.

    Maybe save a slice of cake as a treat ,on the weekend, for sticking to your diet plan . ( Include it in your weekly calorie count . Just until you don't crave the treats as much.)

    We really cant let a slice of cake deter us from our objective

    I slipped up yesterday I had an apple strudel from a street stall. ( I also bought a pecan pie and almond slice but did not eat them, thank goodness. The apple strudel went down a treat. Old habits die hard.:( )

    Today..no luxurious (as I call my treats ) only nutrious food and healthy snacks .

    I have promised myself a Prets carrot cake and coffee, or Nero's coffee and chocolate cake , on Saturday if I am good this week Hopefully by the time I get to the weekend I won't feel like it. :) It's just a way to keep me motivated and include my treat in my calorie count.

    It's getting easier but I have to train myself to make better choices and "listen" to what my body needs.

    One good point is that I have not had any Coca-Cola since the 8th of January . Something I drank 2-3 times during the week and always on the weekend for over a decade

  • Hi Why Weight,

    I wonder if any of these strategies would help?

    1. Plan your snacks as well as your meals.

    2. Or you could divide your kcal for the day by 5 giving you 5 small meals. (Don't forget the drinks too.)

    3. Eat more veg with your 3 meals a day, so that you feel fuller. Just add more portions of different veg to each plate. So, if you were planning to have potatoes and peas with your dinner, add a helping of carrots and cabbage.

    4. And/or you can add a veg soup or a salad (with low cal dressing) as a starter to every meal.

    5. I also really suggest that you clear the cupboards, fridge and freezer of all the foods that tempt you. If there isn't a biscuit there, you can't have one!

    6. Fill up that fruit bowl so that is your first sweet treat.

    7. Tell yourself you can have a treat but you have to go out and buy it separately or make it yourself. And cut back the ingredients, eg, just make half with one egg, if the recipe is usually for 2 eggs. Having to make it has saved me from crisps since before Christmas!

    I am sure you can think of some ideas which would fool you. Sometimes I have an early night because I know it means I won't be so near the kitchen! Anything that delays eating the wrong thing helps. Good luck with your experiments for the next week.


  • Hi, just a half week update. It's day four and things are going well so far, I have wrote everything down and got rid of all testing chocolate in the house. I have made sugar free jelly with half lemonade (no added sugar) and fruit in the bottom. I did these in small pots to last the week. I also ought some mini milk lolly to have jelly and ice cream. I have bought fruit in and eaten it instead of it going mouldy in the bowl! And on an evening now I have a low fat ovaltine chocolates drink.

    Well here's hoping thing carry on well, can't wait for Monday weigh in. I've not felt this positive for a long time, so glad I found this site. Xx

  • Cor it's like reading what's in my mind too! I start every day making a nutritious breakfast, sorting myself a healthy lunch, knowing what I'll have for dinner. Then mindless eat whatever may get in my way inbetween even though I feel no hunger. I shouldn't need any extra calories, and I have so many rules - eat melon when come in from work, no snacking after 8, decaff tea to help me sleep just three of them - and stick to none of them!!

  • I lost 70 lb with this nonsense. I saw a Website called Stupid Cancer. This

    is stupid Cancer. I have to eat and eat more eat. It's been steady at 152 lbs

    the past weeks. I look much better robust and fit. I'm a small man 5'9" and

    was 215 - 220 lbs. But i was Fit. I lost muscle mass because of this nonsense.

    I began an new Chemotherapy routine today using Taxol-Cyramza. I felt

    more "Normal" tonight. Did you use to hear the Christian Evangelists talk

    about "the Trouble with Normal"?



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