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Horrid cold back into same routine

Hi, for a week I was busy with my adult daughter very ill in hospital and then I came down with a horrid cold that even after 2 wks still lingers. Due to tiredness and being fed up even though still tried to count the cals, soon realised I was going back to my old habits nibbling on the biscuits, maltesers and bread (in the cupboard for other family members).

Until the cold I had done really well has them has a had to eat use cals up, which was rare. But no exercise either so dreading getting on the scales I know weight has come back.

Could kick myself, no matter what tomorrow back to the gym and today no more rubbish nibbling.

Why do we do it? Then feel even worse.

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Hi Gottodothis,

Really sorry to hear your daughter has been very ill in hospital - I hope she is doing better now. It must have been a stressful week for you, and I suspect that is why you succumbed to some nibbling etc, as stress definitely can cause us to comfort eat.

Hope you recover from your cold soon, as that will also deplete your energy reserves and make you feel horrible.

Be kind to yourself, and pace things - you've got a lot on your plate. Hope you can relax a bit over the weekend and re-charge your batteries with something more relaxing and enjoyable for yourself. Maybe a hot relaxing bath or something non-food related.

Hope you have a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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Thank you Lowcal, she has to have a galestone removed from her bileduck (so big they had to put a stent in to help enlarge it so can remove stone) under general and then after weeks later her gallbladder removed. Her liver was infected. The consultant can not understand how her doctor had not even sent her for a scan after 7months of complaining about being ill.

Going back to the gym tomorrow and stocked up on all things good for me, moved bad stuff so they harder to get to.

Thanks again

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Oh dear, that sounds bad, I hope the liver is recovering now and her pancreas is OK. Did she manage to escape with just key-hole surgery in the end?


I had that Cold two weeks ago. Not nice. Take care. I totally empathisize about caring fir a sick relative. I hope it goes well for you this week. Just do what you can do.

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Oh, two weeks, you poor thing! Just put it behind you and move forward. Colds do rear their ugly heads, especially at this time of year and it is best to look after yourself by eating well, drinking lots of water and resting. Any gained weight will come off again quickly enough when you are well, I am sure!


Her operation to remove the stone is on the 14th March and then hopefully about 6wks later her gallbladder removed. Fingers crossed all by keyhole. I took her to primary care 3 days in a row she was turning yellow even the eyes. Luckily she was informed liver just needed antibiotics and her pancrea's escaped damage, very lucky. We made her change doctors.

I will be returning to the gym tomorrow and weigh myself, just have to work harder to get rid of excess.

Crazy how you can get annoyed at yourself for eating more treats than normal or comfort eat.


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I am sorry she has to wait, but I am glad she has treatment for the liver and her pancreas is OK.

Don't be mad at yourself, you have had a lot to deal with and at times of stress, it is tempting to resort to the old comforts we know work.

You will get back on track, you are determined and focussed.

All the best for a better week next week!


Don't beat yourself up. You've had so much to contend with it's not surprising you've fallen off the wagon. We all do it. The main thing is you've owned up to it and realised it can't go on - good for you. I probably would have stuffed my face for weeks. I only found this forum 2 weeks ago and so pleased I did because it makes you realise how helpful the support is when you get it from people in the same boat. You've done it before so you can do it again and I'm sure when my motivation slips (which it probably will) they'll be lots of like minded people helping me get back on track. Good luck and I hope your daughter feels better soon.


Thanks for all the nice comments helps get back on track.

I have no idea how but since the 19/01/16 to today have lost 2lb. Shocked.


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