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Food diary

Hi, no need to read this but I am just putting my food diary back up. It helped me get started last time and I could do with the motivation boost.

Today I ate

Handful of plain nuts ( hazelnuts, brazilnuts, peanuts)- breakfast

Tunnock's bar

1 dark chocolate digestive

1/2 chicken kiev, 1 serving green beans, 1 serving spinnach- dinner

1 cappuccino

1 regular coffee

6 cream crackers with three dessertspoons of sugar free peanut butter- lunch

F1 spinnach

F2 beans

F3 X

F4 X

F5 X

P1 nuts/ peanut butter

P2 chicken ( kiev)

C1 crackers

I have been maintaining my 10lb weight loss for about two weeks now but I have been eating "bad foods" pretty much everyday. I want to go sugar free again but I find it so hard to study without going for a chocolate bar break.

The exersize is going well but I did too much too soon and hurt knee so I am not running as much. I will have to reduce calories to compensate.

Does anyone have any healthy study snack/ break ideas?

Thanks. I hope everyone else is fighting the good fight. Healthy food is for life eh.

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sugar free jellies, just having one ;) Recommended nut or nut products is one palm full per week. Just jealous I can't eat nuts :)

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I find soup is a filling snack, not as nice as chocolate of course, but makes you feel full up and its a victory over refined sugar. make it yourself and keeps in the fridge for a few days. Butternut squash and sweet potato soup is 113 calories for 300g. enjoy x


Hi Claude,

Sorry to hear you've hurt your knee, and hope you get better soon so you can enjoy your running again. Do look after yourself and make sure you pace things.

Have you looked at Lucca10's post which is in the pinned posts area? It has lots of ideas for recipes and includes some healthy snack ideas too - e.g. there are some Energy Bites that you could make (see the second recipe in the post). I'm sure there will be plenty more potential recipes there that you might like too:


Hope you have a great weekend, and good luck with everything.

Lowcal :-)

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Hi Claude Strawberries with a small piece of cheese or hummus and oatcakes are delicious Aldi does some lovely cheese and black pepper thins for 40 calories and they are great with cheese spread or any topping you like All the best Lis


Thanks lovlies. Have a good week :)

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