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Fat Doctor

I've been struggling to sleep whilst I've been in Thailand - it's too hot! It is for example 00:40 on Friday and I've been in bed since 23:15 :(

Through these long sleepless evenings, I've been watching these episodes of 'Fat Doctor' - youtube.com/user/fatdoctore...

Although not for all, as it does show actual surgery, I find it very interesting

Rob :)

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Hi Rob,

Just to say I hope you manage to get some sleep - it must be tough with that heat in Thailand. Hope your sister's Wedding has gone well. Not sure if it's happened yet, but hope all is going well and that you're enjoying your time over there - despite the difficulty sleeping of course!

Lowcal :-)


Hi Lowcal,

I haven't slept well at all since getting here to be honest - it's 25c + most nights!

The wedding was last Saturday - a great day

Enjoy your weekend

Rob :)

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Hi Rob,

I find your posts very interesting too, not least because you are 'at the coal-face'.

Whether it is emotional stress, or foods that mess with our hormones, the end result is that the body responds by trying to maintain homoeostasis.


Rather than yo-yo dieting, or having operations without having learned how to control appetite we are likely to revert to unhealthy practices.


Hi Concerned,

Very interesting watch :)

Have a good weekend

Rob :)


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