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Strictly Fun

About two weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and do something to improve my fitness.

I had never been to a fitness class before, the thought of it made my stomach knot and my palms sweat (nice!) Any of you who read my previous post will understand just how much I was dreading the class.

I have always struggled with my fitness, I never enjoyed PE as a child, the mere thought of exercising would make me shudder and hide. But understanding that I am not at a healthy weight and that no one else is going to change the way I look or feel, I knew I needed to face my fear of fitness.

I'm slightly obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing, I love the music, the glamour and how much fun it looks. My partner, his mum and I found that there is a local class taught in our area that is Strictly Come Dancing themed. We all decided that it would be the perfect way to start our fitness journey together. We have the moral support of one another, it is a complete laugh. Everybody in the class is in the same boat as us, and with nobody taking themselves too seriously, it doesn't matter that I am the most uncoordinated person to exist and can't remember a step that I was shown literally two seconds ago!!

The group is called fitsteps, its all about pushing yourself to your limits but doing it in a way that is fun and carefree. I must admit the aches and pains after the classes hurt but its the kind of pain that makes you feel like you are doing a positive change.

They run fitsteps all over the country so I have linked below:


If it works for me, who knows, it could work for you!!

Best wishes


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I totally love dancing - I'm glad you've found such a fun way into fitness!

I've been a ballroom and latin dancer for 12 years, and that's a big part of my weight loss journey, wanting to be at least at a healthy weight so I can dance the way I know I can.

It's the best and most fun way (I think at least) to be active <3


I love zumba, maybe something else for you to try :)


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