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Weight loss journey starts today!

Big_Mama2 stone

I've given up smoking recently - my last cigarette was almost 3 months ago.

Now, I am desperate to lose weight.

I need to lose about 5 stone but I would be happy if I could just lose 2. Started exercising today but it was so hard! I don't know if I have enough willpower or motivation so I have joined this forum hoping to gain support from others in my position.

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By all means keep your long term goal at the back of your mind, but please only start with small steps ... a couple of pounds this week is a fantastic achievement. I have been on the new way of life for twenty weeks and I am starting to approach a major milestone, but I congragulated myself each week, even when the blips happen, those weeks you don't lose or put on a pound or two. On those weeks you must look at the total weight loss.

You have made the right choice. You can be that new you.

Good on you for giving up smoking! You dont actually need to exercise to lose weight. You can have a read through the blog i link at the bottom to read why.

Also, to make sure you stay consistent with your new lifestyle changes, its important to form habits, dont forget that! Usually it happens automatically but sometimes it doesn't. Just stay focused and repeat exactly what you're doing until it's like second nature :)

Site: emjoyfitness (dot) com

Well done for giving up smoking ☺I know how hard that is I gave up 11years ago . As far as exercise the more you do it becomes addictive and you feel so much better. It is hard to push yourself but the results will be worth it. I have about 4st to lose . Good luck keep going 😊😊

If you have given up smoking yo can do anything. Well done for that, it was the hardest thing I ever did.


Lots of help and advice on this forum and the NHS 12 week plan. Good luck

I quit smoking a year ago and have piled on the pounds! I've got about 5/6 stones to my ideal weight but I'm taking it little by little. Exercise is hard work and really pounced into how much I've left go.

So I do what I can and don't punish myself because I know small steps is better then no steps! :)

welcome on your journey to finding you x


I found the walking exercises on you tube helped! At first I could only do 5 mins and now I am up to an hour a day in 6 weeks and have lost nearly a stone.

I ought to mention I am 67 and since retiring the weight piled on because I moved around less but the shock of elevated blood pressure spurred me into action

Don't give up - small changes help to get you on the road.

I have lost 3stone 9lb in 13 months still 2stone 9lb to lose to get to normal weight range. My next target is to lose 12 lb ad I will then be in the overweight range. Yes I have had my off days and weeks but the secret is to get back on track and do not beat yourself up. I only recently found this site and it is a great motivator.

Best of luck and let us know how you go 😃

Hi Big_Mama. I was unaware I had diabetes and put on almost 3 St!! I joined Slimmimg World in October, end of October and on Tuesday got my 2 St award. It works for me but you do need to have a self determination willpower and the feeling is incredible when people comment how well you look. Give it your best and keep us posted.

Best of Luck xxx

Hi Big Mama, I am in the same boat, I quit smoking nearly 4 months ago and have piled on nearly 10kg's! I have indulged myself with food but that has to stop now. Maybe we can support each other on this journey X

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

Welcome. Everyone is supportive here.

Wow! Congratulations on giving up smoking :) I hope your success with that continues!

Don't be overwhelmed by ideas of what you think you need to lose. Take it a step at a time and treat every 1lb/inch lost as an achievement.

Everyone on here is willing for you to achieve your goals, keep with it because you can do it!

Perhaps look at MyFitnessPal, that has really helped me thus far.

Best wishes


Well done for giving up smoking that takes a lot of will power so you must certainly have that. I too have just started on a more healthy lifestyle but this forum is really helping me to stay on track. I've just done 4 days without a glass of wine in the evening and I'm taking little steps to do some activity. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing how you get on .

You can do it! Keep reaching out for the support you need. You can definitely do this, just keep working at it and asking for help! It's really hard work but stay engaged with the work and the support and you can do this thing!

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