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hi, im new here and need advice please

hi, was just wondering. did/dose anyone ever feel bloated or sickly when they change diet and started eating at times there not used to or not hungry. even if it only small portions? i never used to eat morning breakfast or rarely lunch and only ever really ate on a night once id gone hungry. but now i have started to try lose weight, that don't seem to be going well either. i was advised by the doc to start eating during day/morning and not skip meals has my body was storing fat from the one proper meal a day i ate.


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I would say your doctor is right.

If you skip breakfast and lunch, are you tired during the day? No energy? Therefore don't move much and don't lose weight.

If you eat at night, do you then stay up all night to get rid of the fat? Or do you sit down and then go to bed? Therefore storing fat.

Force yourself to breakfast and lunch, then have a light meal at night. You will sleep better and depending of what you eat and how much, you should lose weight.

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It could be a question of what you are eating as well as when. I don't like eating much first thing in the morning but I have got into the habit and enjoy some plain, unsweetened, full fat Greek yoghurt every morning. (about 3 tablespoons). Then something more substantial as a brunch.

Have a look at this for some good weight loss advice.


good luck


Everyone's different.

I can't eat when I first get up. If I force something down, I tend to feel queasy (and annoyed!). So I wait till I feel hungry, which usually means late morning, at least. That has the added effect of meaning that, by the time the evening comes around, I still have a few calories to play with.

There's absolutely no reason why not eating breakfast will make you feel sluggish or lacking in energy. Unless you're malnourished (i.e. literally starving), your body has plenty of reserves on hand to keep you going until your next meal, even if your tum is rumbling!


thanks for the replies and advice given


I live with 2 overweight people who "don't want meals during the day" but that has never meant that they didn't eat. They snacked starting late morning and continuing through to bed time. And it was all things like biscuits, crisps, cheese and mayo sandwiches ie high fat, carb and sugar. There's nothing wrong with having a planned breakfast late morning, a lunch at 4ish and dinner as soon as you get in. But then stop eating for the rest of the evening. It can be a 3 course dinner with soup or a salad as a starter, a main with a lot of veg on the side plus a fruity pud. But don't have extra treats. You will probably find, if you don't nibble all evening that you will start to be hungrier earlier in the mornings. Or not. And it won't matter. Just try to eat meals, planned, if possible.


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