Around the world in 80 days- please post your steps/kms/miles for Wednesday 17 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days- please post your steps/kms/miles for Wednesday 17 February (Part 1)

Morning travellers,

Yesterday we exceeded our target by at least 30kms, which is great news. We need all we can get for our weekend excursion. It's great to see so many of you stepping it up. I managed to clock up 7.68kms including marching on the spot by the printer :D

Today we are kayaking around the Tonga islands. The locals were so impressed by our epic journey, they will be in the kayaks with us giving us strength and guidance.

Happy Travels everyone :) :) :)


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26 Replies

  • 10km for yesterday

  • Fantastic as always Darren! :)

  • Good morning ..well apart from the rain my miles for Tuesday 14.77

  • Super duper Veronicaby :)

  • I'm back - just in from gym (wed morn)

    8km on bike, 2km uphill on treadmill and 1.2km on rower.

    11.2km for me so far. Off for a couple of meetings but plenty of walking between the 2 so will report more km later

  • Woohoo! Good going Gill :)

  • Hi Gill - did you do any kms for Tuesday?

  • Yep, I thought I had posted them. A poor 1.97 km my fit bit said 😁

  • Thanks Gill :)

  • Still not 100% but managed to do 11,115 steps. Karen xxx

  • You're still doing really well Karen :)

  • Oh thank goodness! Please find me a big strong local, with excellent balance! :)

  • 14kms in gym this morning while fitbit was recharging! Been coiffured this pm so its 6,223 steps since I left the hairdressers. Don't know if my hair will withstand that vigorous kayaking - think I might need a handsome man in my boat who's handy with an ... oar!

  • Ooh hoo, look at you! All dolled up for the lovely local lads ;)

    Great K's too! :)

  • 2979 steps for me today. No good! I slipped since yesterday I must pull up my socks tomorrow!

  • I know you're just saving yourself for something fantastic tomorrow bd ;)

  • I better prove that you right! Thanks so much for encouraging me to get out of the house. Trust you Moorless! :)

  • Heh, heh, heh :D

  • Hiya - I managed 6.2 kms today 🙂

  • Well done Beryl :)

  • Evening :-) That water looks sooo inviting !

    Anyway, stats for today are :

    Me - 8.25k run and 5k dog walk

    Mr L - 7k dog walks

  • Wow Lucca, great run again! :) Well done you two :)

  • A total of 12.67 for me today :)

  • Great number RAF_girl :)

  • 10.27 for me today started out well, but now full of cold😢 And a poorly tum

  • hi there Lizzy sorry for not emailing you last night with my steps was to poorly but managed 1777 steps for wednesday 17/02 but i'm okish today speak to you later Alan xx

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