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Hi everyone

Currently trying to loose weight and stuggling with motivation :(

I am 5ft 4 and currently weigh 14st used to weigh 18st

Anyone got any motibvation ideas/tips that might help me. low self esteam at the moment which i know aint helping.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi and welcome Red :)

It sounds to me as if you've done a fabulous job of losing weight already. 4 stone!!! WTG you!

You've come to the right place, we're full of bright ideas! ;) Here's a link to our newbie thread

Please feel free to join our weigh-in group. It doesn't matter that monday's past, Ruth hasn't done the stats yet

The latest thread for the Around the World challenge is here

We'd love you to join in everything with us and be active on the forum.

All the very best to you :)

First of all many congratulations on your weight loss so far. I also struggle with motivation at times. I find looking at photographs of myself before I lost weight helps remind me why I'm doing this and going for long walks calms my mind while burning some calories. You're doing well, just keep going.


Excellent support and help

On here 😊 Small steps boost our confidence, which seems to be the key 😊 Good luck


All I can say is you've started (big time!) So many people say " I'll start losing weight tomorrow /Monday" - you are well along the road and have shown success; you WILL continue because you can. Great job!

Oh - old trousers that I really can't wear; that helps me to know I've made progress when I am now very aware I want to lose that extra stone or more I've had for 15 yrs and feeling a bit down

Keep at it.

Hi, congratulations for your progress !!

Two weeks ago ,I started to eat only protein and vegetables,no sugar no carbs.

It works ,I lost at least 2 kilos!!

You know what to do. You know how to do it. You've lost weight so successfully in the past. Why not sort out one meal for each day in the week. Maybe start with breakfast. Just decide what you're having, then that decision is made. Once you feel like it try sorting your lunches. Then you are two thirds of the way there. After taking such care with the beginnings of your day. I am sure at some point you will want to plan your dinners. In this winter weather, it is well worth having a big pot of veg soup on the hob. This gives you two courses for lunch and dinner. Top each meal with a fruity pud, like sugarfree jelly plus canned drained fruit and just a little topping of yog, quark etc. Or just plain fruit. I am sure you will find 3 course dinners and lunches fill you up. Instead of concentrating on what you can't have, think about what you can. Sometimes I just try to add one more serving of veg to every meal. Quite a challenge and very filling. Good luck with the second phase of your get slim plan. You are such a success already, I am sure you will get there. Just aim at the next lb off.


I am 67 but don't get out much so I decided to try the "one mile walk" exercises on Youtube. I have also given up butter, crisps and biscuits and started to really look at the sugar and fat content in foods I buy. The rest of my diet is relatively good anyway but lack of exercises hasn't helped my weight.

I do about 3 to 4 of these exercises a day, mixing it up between 1 and 2 miles and average out to 3 or 4 a day.

So far in about 6 weeks I have lost nearly a stone.

Every time I want to relapse I think of how I got overweight in the beginning and how much fitness is great for you when you get older and it stops me from eating bad things or not doing the walking exercises.

Your weight loss is brilliant and you should be proud of yourself!

Think of your "diet" more of a life changing plan every time you feel like relapsing.

I hope I have motivated you a little to keep up the good work !

fruitspangle in reply to Hidden

Hi MagsC doing up to 4 mile a day is excellent well done. I do Lesley Sansone power walking video on the tube 2 or 3 mile every other day. Im 69 and find that just about enough. That too has helped me shift some pounds and like you I have nearly lost a stone. I am nearly half way through my 12 wks. Knowing there are other ladies my age , doing what you are doing motivates me in keeping it all together. Thanks.

Hidden in reply to fruitspangle

That is great Fruitspangle ! I also do Lesley Sansone' video's ... lol

She has quite a few on Youtube and as I said I like to mix it up according to how energetic I am feeling but once I have done one it seems to give me more energy and motivation to do more later in the day.

I agree it is great to see others in our age bracket trying to lose weight and keep fit

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to Hidden

Thanks fruitspangle and MagsC, I didn't know about these exercise videos on tube. I've had a look and will be joining you both - btw I'm 70 not sure how many miles I can do, but will build it up gradually. One mile to start with after the ironing is done. This is such a good forum for encouragement and ideas 😀

Hidden in reply to Anon-E-Mouse

If you are just starting I would recommend the "Happy mile walk"

This is the one I started with and could manage until I progressed to the slightly harder ones

Good luck !!

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to Hidden

Thanks for that, I have saved the one mile happy one as you suggested. Have to start somewhere and that seems an appropriate level. Happy walking.

Hi Anon-E-Mouse, the 1 mile happy walk is the one I started at. Your sure to do it. I did 1 mile for 2 weeks then started 2 miles. 1 mile is roughly 15 mins. Like MagsC it depends what energy level you have on any one day & what you are doing that day. So glad to learn that we are all determined to master this new healthy lifestyle. Good luck.

Having refused to look at myself in the mirror for many years. I decided the best motivation was to strip off and stand there in total horror, I was right not to look, but it sure as heck is motivating me ;)

Red_Crumb in reply to TheHud

I have tried is many time and all i do is just stand there and cry. i feel so disgusted with what i see i actually makes me depressed. The problem i have is i am a serial comfort eater. Its a bit of a vicious circle for me

TheHud in reply to Red_Crumb

I was like that for years so did not ever look, I could put make up on and not see my face. I only realised how good i had got at not seeing myself when at an eye exam (I have glaucoma and on eye drops) The Dr asked me had i always had dark brown eyes, I though she was joking because my eyes have always been a very moss coloured green, scary eyes i am told. Got in the car and looked in the mirror, my eyes were dark brown. I could not decide if I was horrified about how little notice I paid myself or the fact that non of my loved ones had ever noticed.

What I learned was that little by little I had to start looking at myself even if it horrified me, it took 3 years to get to the whole body, but so much had changed, aged from the last time I even looked at my face so it was no wonder I was shocked when I did look properly. Years had passed, years and years. I also realised there were no photos of me for nearly 24 years. Again nobody had actually taken the camera from me to take my picture, this was even more scary. Acceptance number one it was me that was hiding from me and me that had to start being in pictures, not a lot just a very carefully selected few lol

So get to know yourself again bit by bit, learn to accept yourself and once you accept yourself you can then look at yourself and say, I can change this and this, but that bit, my brown eyes for example, those eyes I am stuck with.

You can do this. People say it's about learning to love yourself, Nah! It's about being happy with your own reflection and being kind to yourself ;)

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

Come and be here with us. Join in our threads. Look at the nhs plan. 😃

Rose-A1 stone

I'm 5 ft 4 too! Weighed around 11 stone when I started wanting to get to a healthier weight, only just making my first positive steps recently.

I don't have any tips yet as such, but if you're anything like me, just having signed up to this forum will hopefully provide a support network of people who are all striving for the same thing.

Sometimes it's difficult for people who aren't overweight to appreciate just how it feels.


Thanks everyone. :)

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