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Celebrate the good things - part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a list of things that are really good about losing weight. Things that make you realise how far you've come, are motivational and make you smile. Since then a few more have occurred to me

- when you can sit in an aeroplane seat without encroaching on your neighbour. Ditto in the metro

- when you realise some of those horrible dimples on the backs of your thighs have actually disappeared

- when you don't have to pin your blouses to stop them splitting open and revealing everything underneath

- when your bum seems to have got smaller (not always a good thing!)

- when you actually look forward to exercise and get really narky when you can't do any for whatever reason

There are loads of other things that are good about losing weight. Maybe I can think of a few more😈😎

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These are even better than scales, the differences we notice in our day to day lives 😊


I can add to that, you pick better food choices, and don't feel deprived.

You realise food won't comfort you.

You have a reason to say I want to buy new clothes.

Your shoes and rings fit better too.

You save a fortune, not buying junk and eating less, and you gain a figure at goal weight.

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How about these too:

You can get in and out of the bath!

You can walk to the top of a hill without your legs screaming stop!

You can get in and out of a low seat gracefully

Your clothes seem to grow - can do up tops that didn't used to meet

You can book a horse-ride without exceeding their weight limit (I will get there)!

Any more anyone?

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Brilliant - could it be that you want to horse-ride again?


That is my biggest wish! (Used to ride a lot when younger - really miss it)


You'll get there again. It's good to have something you really want to aim for - not just a vague "lose some weight".


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