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2nd week complete

Morning everyone.

I weight 16.12st last week and have lost 3lb this week bringing me down to 16.9st.very happy as I was worried that I wouldn't lose as hadn't been writing down my daily calorie intake.i had just been counting it in my head. I will be writing it down this week especially as I will less active with kids off school. That means no walking the school run and no working.

Have already told kids we will be on bikes lots.

Good luck and well done everyone.

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Well done!! I downloaded the my fitness pal app on my phone.......best thing ever! You can just scan the bar code of things or search through millions of things already saved on it and it counts all your calories for you, even gives you a reminder if you have forgotten to enter your meals. You can also enter in any exercise you have done, don't know how I ever managed to diet without it now haha


That sounds great. Thankyou will have a look.


Well done, if your not working this week you can fit in more exercise and i'm sure your kids would love to get out and about. I know its hard when they are at home but keep up the good work and get to that next target of 16st 7lb, you can do it. x


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