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Really pleased!

Have lost 3 lbs since joining last Monday, taking me down to 13st.8lbs. To be honest, like most of the western world I started a diet in the New Year but it took me 6 weeks to lose 4 lbs and a only week to lose 3 since joining, so its meant half a stone in all. It certainly makes a difference sharing weight loss stories with others and I'm certain it will help when I reach the inevitable brick wall. I'm especially pleased as I've not been 100% (nothing serious, just the usual virus doing the rounds) but normally I would have felt sorry for myself and headed for the ice cream to soothe my sore throat. It also meant I haven't been very active but feel a bit better today so will wrap up, brave the cold and go for a walk - onwards and upwards!!

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Great result, it's always hard at this time of year so you are going good. 😃

Slow and steady still wins the race, it will all come together😃



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