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Lunch today

Lunch today

One year + on and I did not put any weight on.... So it works. It looks like the new me intends to stay that way. I feel good in my skin and I am having a ball with my life. There is no way I will return to be obese/overweight.

We had a filling lunch today : 110g chicken nuggets, 90g pasta and 200g salad.

Chicken nuggets : chicken thighs fillets cut into cubes. Mix a small amount of breadcrumb, garlic paste, parsley, Parmesan, salt & paper. Add on the chicken, shake, cook on BBQ. Beautiful.

Pasta: very small macaroni, cook as usual, one spoon of shredded Parmesan. Tasty.

Salad : spinash leaves, white cabbage, tomato, carrot, red onion. Refreshing.

I am really full, so tonight dinner for me will be vegetables only, with just a mouthful of steak if I feel like it.


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You're truly inspirational nhs and my goal is to be just like you :)

Your salad looks delicious, but a little out of place here in the very early hours of a dark and snowy Scotland. We can only dream of BBQ's :)


You are an inspiration 😊 I have been on this eating plan for over 6 months and my weight still coming down, although I have been here before i am determined this is me for life, in control and feeling so fit and well 😊 Thank you and very well done! 😊😊😊


A year of maintaining is pretty inspirational. But it shows it can be done - thanks for giving us that hope at least!


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