Baking dilemma

I love baking and yesterday went on a cupcake masterclass which included piping skills and sugar craft decorations!

I figured seeing the fat and vast quantities of sugar would stop me wanting to taste!! They were beautiful and I've eaten 3 and yes I felt sick. Madness.

What I need is someone to give my baking to. My husband is supposed to be sugar free for lent but he succumbed as well.

I've tried healthy baking - tastes ok but it just doesn't look beautiful.

Any solutions to keep my hobby but avoid eating the sugar? Please!


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7 Replies

  • Baking is my hobby too, and home baked cakes are my downfall as I find it hard to resist.

    Have you got a residential home in your town? I would suggest contacting them and offering to take some baking for the residents to have with their afternoon cup of tea once a month. I bake for an Alzheimer's dementia cafe. The best thing about baking is sharing what you have made!

    You could find out when school or church fairs are and offer to donate some of your delicious cupcakes.

    I bake and take into work quite often, especially for sports relief etc. I try and make large cakes rather than small where I can accidentally end up testing too many. Or freeze my baking as soon as it's cool. A small slice of cake doesn't hurt as a treat! 🍦🎂🍰

  • A bit of a dilema there Sprout. I have a suggestion. If you have any small cafes, restaurants, wine bars close by that also sell coffees, teas etc. then approach them with a sample of your baking and see if you can do a deal with them. Tea or coffee and a slice of cake in the afternoons seem to go down really well and they would normally buy them from somewhere? You could cover your costs and satisfy your passion for baking. John :-)

  • Sorry reply was meant for ceriandblue but sprout's post popped in whilst i was typing :-)

  • No problem! I hadn't thought about making money from baking, hmmm that's worth investigating!

  • You may already know about this, but have you looked at the Deliciously Ella website and books? They're not so much offering a less sugary version, as she does still use tonnes of date syrup etc, but they look pretty and maybe that sort of approach would appeal while you're trying to avoid eating too many traditional style cakes? I would hope that eventually you'll be able to bake, as you clearly love it, but be slim too. Maybe in the meantime you need to make a change somehow, just to keep temptation out of arm's reach...

  • I love cooking and baking (and eating!!!) it is both a challenge and a great pleasure to experiment with healthy but tasty recipes 😊 With regards to baking i meet my girlfriends once a week and eat cake, just one, and really look forward to and enjoy it 😊 When it's my turn to host I make a big deal of it, nice tablecloth, tea pot, cake stand etc 😊 sweet treats are part of life, enjoy 😊 (But in moderation)

  • I love baking too! I try to only bake when I know I have people to eat them so I don't or bake stuff im not as fond of - or I half my mix - I know its hard when its maybe only 1egg in the ingredients but you could have a mini omelette the next day etc

    tho in saying all this its my husband birthday tomorrow but I wont see him till Wednesday due to a course and I am planning a showstopper (if I have time lol) but he always gets a cake from me, plus a giant cookie for our anniversary at the end of the month

    I like the idea about local care homes as im sure that would give them such a boost :)

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