Right then, can someone bottle this?

So woke up day 3 of no chips and no chocolate and thought to myself.


What is this feeling of clarity. Where has the gluggy, half dead feeling gone?

Is this some marvellous dream or heaven I have wandered into? Where is the heavy stomach and heavy eyelids?

Could this be some intoxicating drug I have been given while I slept or some amazing injection a wizardly scientist has given as I slumbered?

Or could it be that after 3 days of not eating crap my body is saying "Thank **** for that!!!" :)

I have a reminder set up on my phone that says - word for word - "Don't forget how good you feel when you exercise and eat healthy".

It comes up every day at 3:00 p.m. and today I saw it and thought YES! It's true! I so wish I could bottle this feeling and sniff it or drink it to remind myself of how much better we feel with out all those rubbish in our systems.

And for those of you who know about my back pain, maybe you assume its better

No - today is the worst it has felt and despite that I feel wonderful compared to the last who knows how long just because I have stopped eating junk.

And every stab I get from my back, every gasp I let out as I stand up and feel the pain hit and every twinge and ache that happens I immediately think "Chips and chocolate" I visualise them as the needle points of pain cascade down my lower back, I imagine the taste of chips and the chocolate as my muscle spasms and I groan with pain.

Hmmmm this all sounds very 50 Shades! but it's helping.

I was in the supermarket this arvy and as I walked past the chocolate I shuddered because it made me think of my back pain:)

SO yes - feeling great and in lots of pain. Its a good thing!



P.S. No I am not losing it....well maybe a little


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12 Replies

  • Fantastic! If only you could bottle this motivation and share it out! Keep going because something good is definitely happening to you! I wish you well on your journey of many chocolate less steps! 👍

  • Thanks Sprout - I am feeling cautiously optimistic :)

  • Well done Dave, another day without the deadly duo and you are feeling the benefits :-) John

  • It was similar for me with drinking and learning to run. Once I cracked not drinking the night before, the running came together and my body just felt different. I still hold onto the memory of one particularly hungover run - a sort of reference point to remind myself not to do it again...

  • hungover run? I feel the pain, just thinking about it!

  • Exactly - never a smart move :)

  • I think that's called aversion techniques Dave, used by misguided psychiatrists in the past to try to put gay men off liking other men! But hey if it's putting you off chocolate and chips, go for it !! ☀️

  • I am so glad you are feeling better, despite your poor back!

  • Sorry your back is still hurting, but pleased your inner strength is shining thru! :)

  • Those "shocks" from your back are like the old Electric Shock Treatment (do they still do that) which can shock your mindset into a much better place! Hope the back is feeling better soon so you can get active again. Spring is coming...

  • Great post 😊 Thank you!

  • Hi Dave

    I haven't been around for a while but wondered how you were doing.

    I'm glad to see you're feeling stronger and more motivated again.


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