Just Starting Again !

Hi Everybody,

I have just found this site and it looks impressive. Over the many years I have been overweight I have done many diets, lost weight then put it back on. Since my grandchildren have been born I finally realised just how much my excess weight is stopping me doing things. I really want to play with them. So I am determined to get the weight off.


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14 Replies

  • Hello Kuddlykathy and welcome,

    You're right this is an impressive site and there are many inspirational and knowledgeable people her who are always ready to advise and help.

    Grandchildren are indeed a blessing and you're right to want to be fit enough to be able to enjoy them to the maximum, they'll certainly keep you on your toes!

    Good luck with the weight loss plan and enjoy those grandchildren of yours.

  • Thanks Jenever. It's nice to feel so welcome

  • Hi, I am in the same boat! I am hoping that the 12 week plan is the healthy eating plan I can stick to long term rather than losing and gaining the same weight. I have an 8 month old grandson who is now crawling and I need to be able to keep up with him. Also, I want to keep healthy and active so that I am around for a long time to watch him grow up because I am loving every minute 😍

  • I know what you mean about a healthy eating plan. My granddaughter is two and keeps me active, my grandson is two weeks old so I'm going to need a lot of energy . Can't wait to take them both to a beach

  • Aw, that's lovely. Aren't we lucky! Hopefully we won't be the fat grandmas, just the one who gives the best cuddles!

  • Hi Kuddlykathy,

    Welcome, it's a very friendly and helpful site. I'm also a Nanna and look after three of my grandchildren two days a week, so you have company on your weight loss journey.

    Have you noticed the 'Welcome Newbies' on the pinned posts? This created by Moreless, a lovely member, especially for those just joining. It has lots of helpful info on it.

    Hope to 'see' you at the Monday weigh-in.

  • Thanks. It must be exhausting looking after three grandchildren,but really enjoyable. I'll see you at the Monday weigh-in.

  • Hi Kuddlykathy,

    Welcome! I see you're going to be joining us for the Monday group weigh-in - that is fantastic!

    We'll look forward to seeing you there and hope you enjoy being part of this forum.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks I've been made to feel very welcome. I feel sure I'll get a lot of help from the group.

  • Hi and welcome. I am 69 and have just reached my target weight having lost 3.5 stone. It has taken me ages (reached it for a few weeks, relaxed and put back 1.5). I have learnt how few calories I can eat now that I am older, and how easy it is to over eat and gain.

    Go on line and check what your personal calorie requirement is and work from that. I was shocked that the 2000 average woman requirement was way over what I use on an average day. I have reduced my calories and increased my exercise and that has finally got me to target

    Good luck, I am sure you will succeed if you have the determination xx

  • Hi, I can relate to your post! .

    I am approaching my mid sixties. In April 2014 I was almost 12 st . But like you, I slowly managed to lose it by eating less rubbish, portion control, more walking less driving . By April 2015 I reached my target BMI 23 and 9st 11lbs, and have maintained it ever since (with a normal fluctuation of 1-3 lbs during holidays etc) .

    Like you, it was a shock to find out how few calories my body needs just to maintain. When I was losing I lost weight on 1300-1400 cals average a day. But to maintain my current weight I still need to keep under 1600 ... that is a daily average, so some days I have more, some days less . but this is how it is , a lifestyle change !!

  • Well done on maintaining your weight loss. It's good that you worked out how many calories you need to keep the weight off.

  • I used an online calculator on myfitnespal to recalculate my needs, based on my age, height, current weight and activity level. Then its just a case of try it and see. Goid luck to you too!

  • Congratulations on reaching your target weight. It's amazing how slowly the weight comes off and how quickly it goes back on. Thanks for the advice on the calories xx

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