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I'm hoping someone will have good insights. I had been using an analogue bathroom scales which was not very accurate . (OR rather since you had to get up close and personal to read it, I used to choose not to, as leaning over increased my weight ;-))

According to that scales, since Christmas I was steadily losing an average of a pound a week, leaving me with a weight of about 12 St 7. However I bought a new high tech scales which analyse body fat and receives Channel 4. Only problem is it weighsme in at 3/4 stone more than the old one. At 13 4.5 that's heavier than what i weighed before i started with the old scales.

To add insult to injury i can no longer track on the old one as that is now increasing my weight significantly.

At least the electronic scales has been showing a continued reduction as has my waist measurement .

How have other people managed with the vagaries of scales to show progress?


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17 Replies

  • I had the same problem (and had a right good whinge about it!). My new scales are, sadly, much more accurate, so long as I sit them on a flat, hard floor. I sometimes move them around a bit, and weigh myself three or four times, just to be sure they're reading correctly. They are a little bit temperamental.

    I've just gone back to my diary and added 3 kg to all the weights. I haven't been using any apps, just my own spreadsheet, so that was easy to do - once I'd got over the psychological trauma, of course! ☺

  • Adding 3 kg to the weights! Yikes. Some things in life require courage:-)

    I waited z few weeks after Christmas before weighing myself so I could say I never went over 13 St. And now after losing half a stone I'm 13 St 4.

    Yuck. I guess it will take me that much longer to get to my target weight .

  • Heh, heh. Yeah, I did that, too. The worst bit of buying the new scales was having to admit to myself that I hadn't really been 120 kg when I decided to take control of things, but 123 kg! I had been kidding myself that I'd never been worse than 18-stone-something. I feel ill just thinking about it... ☺

    Fixing the numbers wasn't too bad, though. I'd already dropped 13 kg or so, by that point, so the bump upwards was annoying but tolerable. It just made me more determined.

    Don't worry. You'll be back down in the 12s before you know it!

  • Hi Derrygeel, at least you are checking your weight and trying to do something about it! There are much much worse ways to gain weight.

    I have a little mark on the bathroom floor so I always put my high tech (but no channel 4!!!) digital scales in the same place. I also weigh myself on other machines especially if I ever visit the doctor/nurse and at the gym -the different machines all show slightly different weights but the same trends. I would know immediately if my home scales went weird on me.

    My favourite weightloss tip: If I get up really early and weigh myself, don't like the number, go back to bed with the radio for an hour or two and then weigh myself again, it is always at least a pound lighter! Sadly I have a life so it only works on some Sunday's.

  • Ooh I like that weight loss tip! I thought I was bad because I weigh myself in the morning, then go for a run or walk and weigh myself again. After a run I can be up to 400g lighter (but not usually after a walk!). Not always though. And of course it's just water - but it's quite motivating!

  • I have been using some cheap electronics cakes and I thought they were fairly accurate until today when I step on the salter scales at the gym. Which showed me at 84 kg. I hope mine are wrong. 😀😀😀

  • Do you have cakes on your mind Aqua??? ; )

  • My autocorrect does weird things to my words sometimes. Blame apple.

  • I'm only teasing- i figured that : )

  • It is the 84 kg bit I want to be true. If so 80 by Easter is possible.

  • Are they analogue or the digital ones that measure height etc in the gym?

  • They are those expensive analogue ones that doctors use.

  • Maybe try what i suggested above- Boots or your council gym after weighing on yours first? I'm talking about the ones that do your height, bmi etc : )

  • Hope yours are wrong then .

  • Derry I'm sorry to hear your scales are only picking up channel 4- they obviously have a vendetta- evil little blighters. I did a bit of research before i bought my last set and it seems that digital are more precise as analogue parts tend to lose their calibration fairly quickly over time.

    Someone mentioned putting a marker on the floor so you can always put them on the same spot when you weigh- i do this too and it does help- but i would also suggest making sure you stand on the exact same spot on the scales each time otherwise you end up with different readings again- so i line up my right heel with side edge and bottom edge and then the same with left and i find that prevents fluctuations.

    In terms of what to do now youve changed scales- that has to be your decision i personally would start with the new heavier weight and just put it down to things outside your control- after all you havent changed weight just the number has changed with your current body size- the thing is all scales will weigh you differently and they always will but if you have a pedantic streak about it like i do then maybe consider looking up your local Boots or local council gym (50p-£1) firstly weigh yourself at home on old scales, then weigh yourself on new scales then go to Boots or gym straight away and use theirs and you have your own calibrations (make sure you wear the same clothing)

    By the way Boots or council gyms use the ones that give you a print-out of height, BMI etc so its private and more accurate.

    I hope that helps- and just remember the scales may be showing heavier but nothing has changed- your body is still the same size which ever way you look at it

    : )

  • Thanks for all your support. Since the old analogue scales have gone completely wonky, - up 4 lbs one day, back down again the next - I've no choice but to suck it up and go with it. However I had forgotten I had recorded last week's weight on the digital, and since it gives me a loss of 2.25 lbs I'm taking it . It'll take me another 2 weeks to get to where I thought I started from.

    Never mind. I'll get there. And thanks for making me smile at your strategies.

  • I don't think it matters, it's the difference between where you start and where you end up that is significant.

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