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Working in Fast Food

Working in the fast food industry whilst your dieting is the hardest thing ever! I mean I'm surrounded by delicious yet extremely high calorie food that I can gauge on all day 5 days a week (FREE) if I really wanted too. Plus the employee discounts make the meals £2.29 which doesn't stop me from swiping my card. Preparing for my breaks in advance is definitely key otherwise I'll just eat food at work, which is not good for the waist line! The perks of my job though are that I'm on my feet all day running around so even if I do eat fast food (within moderation) I don't put loads of weight on.

An ex colleague of mine left her job with us and went to work as a receptionist at a doctors surgery, and she put on masses of weight as she just sat there all day eating cakes that other receptionists, doctors or customers bought in.

So I suppose that my job keeps me active enough to eat fast food within moderation and still maintain my weight, which is a bonus! I still monitor what I eat however, I tend to go for chicken over beef and switch the fries for fruit. Not the healthiest option but definitely a yummy one!

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Lucky you 😊


It happens to me too, you just have to be strong and resist, join graze, fab snacks doing their nut boxes xx


I am in the same exact position as you. I work in a cafe and it is soooo hard to resist the treats, everytime i tell myself i'm going to eat clean i end up eating a sandwich for lunch. it's terrible! i've gained 4 kilos in the past 2 months due to stress and unhealthy food choices. i'm on my feet for 9 to 10 hours everyday, i'm thinking of carrying my own lunch to work and trying meal replacement shakes. i hope it helps


I definitely think that planning ahead and taking your own lunch into work helps a lot. I went from an on my feet all day job to a sitting down all day job and went on to put on approx 1 stone in the first 6 months! Cakes and biscuits all day and hardly moving off that chair :/

Started bringing in my own homemade smoothies (more veg than fruit) as my morning snack and made my own lunch. And make sure I get up off the chair and walk around, and during my lunch break, as much as possible!


The only thing I can suggest is that you find a way to make the food less attractive. I managed to give up bar snacks when I realised that most of the guys and some of the women in pubs don't wash their hands when they go to the loo. Now I just visualise the amount of urine on those nuts. How about being a vegetarian at work? Would that help with most of it? I do this when I'm faced with a buffet of the wrong kind of food. Could you say to yourself if it has added fats or sugars, I don't eat it? Bet that covers all of it?


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