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Newbie Night owl here and zumba lover


Hi i have about 10 stone to loose before i hit my goal

I am very active for my size and i have lost 11lbs in 2 weeks.

I was ill so the first week it kicked started with a big loss.

I am aiming for 3lbs a week i know they say 2lbs but i have alot more to loose.

I am looking for any buddies who want to chat along the way bout their eating/exercise.

I will be going zumba once a week hopefully more if i get the chance.

I will be walking everyday to take my son nursey and walk around for an hour on top as well.

Feel free to follow me as i will try to get on everyday.

p.s i talk alot so be prepared


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Are you doing Zumba Gold?

No I currently do normal zumba I have tried Zumba gold and found it too slow for me. I still attend zumbathons of three hours at my current weight haha. People are shocked to see me get my groove on.


Weight is just a number . . . Every pound off makes us feel better, fitter and more positive 😊 Well done on your achievement so far 😊

Thank you and I really appreciate your saying weight is just a number unfortunately thats not the way I feel in the street alot of people like to stare. Nice to know theres open minded people out there. X

Would to chat and keep up with progress I have 10 stone to loose as well . Lovely to hear your positive attitude . Can I ask have you joined anything or trying it by yourself, I need inspiration getting married July help !!!!!!

I have just tried to do it myself. I used to use an app which helped calorie count called myfitnesspal. I am going to start calorie counting again. Its really good. I also log how many steps I take everyday on a app called noomwalk. I try to get to the gym once or twice a week to do zumba as well. I did originally loose 6 stone before I got pregnant with zumba everyday haha but I ended up gaining and more after having my little one who is now 2. Feel free to message me as well on inbox xx

sueper5 stone


I am one who also has a lot to lose - done nearly 5 stone but still tons to lose.

This is a fab site for support, advice & inspiration. I used to be pretty active for my size too but a gain in more recent years pushed me over the edge to be very inactive - so I am working on getting back to where I used to be.

Keep up your good work and you will soon see the results :)


Hi and welcome Kathrine :)

It sounds as if you're well on your way to getting rid of those unwanted stones and don't think you're the only one needing to lose a fair amount. I started off needing to lose 9 stone and have lost nearly 4 so far :)

I'm going to give you the link to our newbie thread

As you're such a fitness fanatic, you'd be perfect for our trip Around the World. This is the most recent thread

All the very best to you :)

Hi, I have about 10 stone also, feel free to chat to me x

Hi, I have about 6 stones to lose but even getting to my first would be great.... I try to do some wii fit daily n today I downloaded a free 7 minute work out, it was hard!! My other half got me a fit bit zip n never realised that it has taken me all day to do 5000 steps, never mind the 10000 they say!! Does anyone use my fitness Pal?

I really want to get a fit bit which one did you get I want a fitbit surge hr. I have a polar ft4 heart rate monitor I love it and it really helped me last time with calculating calories while working out but I want to calculate my steps etc as wont be able to get to the gym as much as I want. I have walked 15,000 steps today but im still not home as had to quickly drop my mum something. You will get your steps up as you go wanting to beat your old score. I also have been using myfitnesspal lately and I try to eat 1800 a day max. Feel free to add me x

Hi, I have the little fitbit zip that stays in my pocket because u can't wear anything on my wrists at work... True about wanting to beat goals, got over my 5000 steps n a few more without realising. I like it that it links to my fitness pal but doesn't add the extra calories I have burned ti my food allowance. It's a long journey ahead but we will get there. X

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I too fancy a Fitbit but not sure which to get so welcome any advice. I agree tracking steps really does get you competing against yourself lol. I have definitely been more active but currently just use a pedometer on my phone, however it doesn't differentiate from walking, running, or keep fit. Hence I want something better.

Well done on your weight loss so far! Ignore the stares in the street, those people are not important, neither are their thoughts!

I need to lose around 4.5 stone now, I've lost around 11lb this year but only just really started properly last week on the NHS plan and lost 4.5lb in the first week. Counting calaries has really helped me

Amazing! I love Zumba! I go once a week....such a boost in the endorphins! It's great!!!

I am trying to lose 3 and a half stone! But it's been really really slow! A 4kg loss since end of December so far!

I have had an awful cold this week and ear ache so haven't been as active or wise with food choices! So I doubt I will see any loss this week ekkkkk!!

Good luck on your journey i have 8+ stone to loose so i know its a long road but im sure with support it could be a good journey :-)

Well done I have lost 10 pounds doing weightwatchers smart points online so far trying to do more walking got a Fitbit to encourage me to do more walking as you're supposed to do 10000 steps a day. :-)

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