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Hi all, i have 8+ stone to lose, typical yo yo dieter, done every diet plan on the block and still back to square one!, I'm 42 full time community nurse and mother of two so my own time is very limited!, at the moment I lack motivation, the angel on my left shoulder tells me to do it, but the devil on the right is a bit of a bully!!. Hoping to find motivational support from people in the same boat. :-)

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Hi have you looked at the 12 week plan? Everyone on here is lovely and there are lots of us with a good bit to loose.


You'll certainly get the support from people here all very positive and lovely people.

There was a newbie pack created by one of the people on here and is a great way to start your journey :)


All the best



Hi, I am on the 12 week plan and I find it easy to follow. Tell the devil to take a hike as you won't be listening to it anymore, as we'll be giving you all the support you need 😃

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Hi Tjd0412,

What is the bully telling you? To have some chocolate because your diet is deficient in fat for instance, and this is where you can get it, or to have something sweet because your blood glucose metabolism is out of whack? Sometimes that devil can be our body's homoeostasis trying to redress the balance.

On the other hand, sometimes the devil can be the rebellious, spoiled child that doesn't want to be 'deprived' of anything, even if it causes them grief in the longer-term.

Yo-yo dieting can result in misinterpreting what our senses are trying to tell us, and we may need to re-examine cues. If we aren't getting enough vegetables at every meal for example we may become constipated, and if we feel hungry even when our stomach is full, are we lacking a little protein at most meals with the fat that accompanies it in nature, or are we having foods that over-stimulate our appetite (even if we believe they are healthy) ?

Good luck!


good luck. I'm going for a healthier eating plan, new lifestyle, new me


Good luck with your journey :-)


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