Bad start to the year

So ive been quiet again since xmas as the year started pretty bad. First my nan was in a coma and i was travelling back and forth to visit then she died so had the funeral to attend, a couple friends lost loved ones too. Had health issues which seem to be under control thanks to meds but still have tests to go through and now half my tooth has fallen out giving me pain in my jaw. The only plus side is i only gained about 4lbs in the last month and half, so silver lining. Managed to keep up with exercise so will get my eating back under control and hopefully get back on track. 11lbs now from my next goal.

Hope you have all been well x


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7 Replies

  • I'm so sorry ff, I thought about you after you'd returned but didn't want to push if you had other stuff going on - which you obviously did :( glad you're back and hope you find it easy to get back into.

    Kate x

  • Hi Fibronfedup,

    Welcome back. It's really great to see you again, and I'm so sorry to hear you've been through such a lot since you were last here, at Christmas. My sincere condolences regarding your Nan's death, and also your two friends' loved ones too - that is very sad news.

    Glad to hear your medical issues are a bit better thanks to the meds, and hope your tests will go well. Awful that your tooth has recently fallen out - I hope the dentist can do something to help you with the jaw pain.

    Great that you only gained 4 pounds during that time, as you've been under a lot of stress with all those things happening. Stress is notorious for causing us to gain weight - and at least you're only 11 pounds from your next goal weight. That should soon come off now you're getting back on track again.

    Hope you have a good week ahead, and really glad you're back again.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Welcome back fibronfedup,

    I'm sorry this year has been such a shitty one so far for you and i hope things improve. Well done on keeping up with your exercise while all this has been going on and i hope you get your tooth sorted soon.

    Hope you have a good week and start to get rid of that 11lb. x

  • Having read about the horrible start to your year fibronfedup, this tune popped into my head and so hope it's true for you.

  • Hi Fibronfedup,

    So sorry to hear about the horrible start to your year. It's always difficult to deal with the death of a loved one and we usually turn to food for comfort so the fact you only gained 4lbs is quite an achievement so well done to you for that.

    The rest of the year starts now so hopefully it will get much better and you will reach your next goal soon.

    Best wishes to you and good luck.

  • Hi,

    So sorry to hear it's been such an awful time for you{{{{hug}}}}

    You ve done really well with just a small gain, there's nothing so awful as trying to eat healthy while hospital visiting.

    You sound ready to get back on track and I applaud you for that, I hope you have a nice week

    Take care


  • {{{{{Hugs}}}}}, what an awful time you have had, to lose those we love is so sad and puts other things in our lives in perspective. I hope that you and your friends can give each other comfort.

    Ros xx

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