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Stir Fry Surprise!

So, day 2 is over...

Had my usual porridge for breakfast, and had a bowl of soup for my lunch, no bread or anything with it. Also had my 5 portions per day, and lots of water.

Again I had lots of calorie allowance left over so I was looking forward to a decent meal. Then my wife mentioned...a stirfry?!

Rabbit food?? Tasteless?? Boring?!


My goodness stirfry is beautiful! And something I never thought of eating before because its not as exciting or handy as a Goodfella's pizza!! Lovely chicken from the butchers, nicely cut up, some noodles, baby sweet corns, peppers, onion and some soy sauce! Well I never thought healthy eating could be this good! Not sure what the calorie count was but pretty sure it was no where near my remaining allowance!

Long story short...i'm loving the new lifestyle!

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Stir fries are wonderful - I am glad you enjoyed yours and hope you have many more!


Aren't they?! But I was always of the mindset that healthy stuff with veg is boring!

But not the 'new me'!

New Stirfry fan!


Yes! Stir frys are one of the best ways to use up any spare veg I have in the fridge. Plus, you can make them the bulk of the meal, just adding a bit of chicken or a few strips of beef, and a small bit of rice or noodles.

To give an idea about calories, a typical stir fry for myself:

100g of chicken strips (approx. 120 cals)

A couple of red and yellow peppers (20 cals)

Three spring onions (20 cals)

A few chopped leaves of bok choy (10 cals)

Couple of handfuls of beansprouts (40 cals)

About 100g of noodles (150 cals)

Chopped garlic, soy sauce, splash of rice wine (negligible, maybe 10 cals)

Sweet and sour sauce (about 100 cals)

Grand total for a tasty, healthy, and most importantly FILLING meal: 470 cals. You could take it down even further by cutting out the sauce and making your own - maybe adding a bit more garlic and chopping some fresh ginger, or using less of a sauce that goes a long way (OK sauce is tart and sharp, you don't need much of it).


Ahh but you would need a tablespoon of Oil as well to fry in so thats a few more calories. But hey a great tasty meal that I eat as often as I can and love

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Oh yeah, forgot the oil! Though that doesn't have to be too much either, the whole point of stir frys is to make the most of few ingredients such as oil. So, a splash of sesame oil... maybe 40-50 cals?


Hi. Like you, I never really bothered with stir fry but now I have it a lot. I find I can eat the same meal as my son and husband . I put a generous portion of stir fry underneath with a much reduced amount of pasta or noodles and whatever we are having with it. I am getting a decent sized meal with half the calories which is visually very satisfying and feels me up. Good luck on your weight loss journey.


Hi Matt,

I love your post, and I love stir-fries too. :-)

I've copied Pulseczar's lovely recipe too - it looks really good!

Lowcal :-)


That sounds delicious, I'm going to make some tomorrow!

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