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Soup for lunch

My soups are of the chuck it all in and see what happens type, occasionally one stands out and I write it down so I can repeat it, I know a lot of folks on here like their homemade soup so thought I'd share this one.

Carrot, Corgette and Chickpea : I cooked 5 medium carrots and one large corgette in the electric steamer ( add corgettes when carrots got 15 mins left) . using powdered spices I heated 1 level tsp coriander, 1 level tsp mild chili, and 1/2 tsp turmeric in about 1 dessert spoon olive oil for a couple of minutes, then added one of those tetra paks of drained chickpeas and cooked them on a very low heat so they were covered in the spices. Then I added the veg and a little of the stock from the steamer, blitzed it with a hand blender, and used more stock to get to the consistency I like ( quite thick just add more stock if you like it thinner) then stirred in 10g creamed coconut ( measure carefully as it's hugely calorific!) this made 3 portions for me, I totted up calories as I went along and it comes out as approx 200 per portion. Just had one portion with a slice of rye bread with Brie totalled approx 420 cals all in, and I've got two more portions to take to work this week. It came out a lovely warm orangey colour and very comforting ☀️

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Hi Fran,

I like the sound of that soup, and will add it my collection to try. I like the idea of adding the creamed coconut. I think that would add a lovely taste!

I keep meaning to buy some rye bread too - and keep forgetting to get some. Hopefully this will be the memory jogger I need! Many thanks. :-)

It sounds really delicious.

Lowcal :-)


Yummmm. Sounds great. Thanks for the recipe.


Thanks for the share Fran, like you I normally see whats left in the fridge to make my weekly soups, must give this one a go it sounds delicious :-) John


That sounds lovely. I make a veggie soup every week for lunches. I like to thicken my soups with roasted squash as it makes a lovely thick soup with not too may calories. I love chickpeas though so I'll defo be giving this a try :)


That sounds delicious and has been added to my recipe files!


Sounds nicer than the cauliflower one I had for lunch.


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