Around the world in 80 days - please post steps/kms/miles for Sunday 7 February (Part 2)

Around the world in 80 days - please post steps/kms/miles for Sunday 7 February (Part 2)

Dear Travellers

The Sakhalin Islands are truly spectacular. We got to see the rare Northern fur seals, endangered Western gray whales and Lucca and Trafford in action being chased by a bear :D :D

We are back on the steamer and the Sakhalin seafood is sizzling on the BBQ. It's 70's night and Kool and the Gang are singing Jungle Boogie. Will Smith, Daniel, Idris, George and Brad are serving your favourite cocktails. Will is showing me how to make the perfect pina colada :D

I think I overdid it with the dancing last night. My Fizzy is giving me a foot massage. Today I clocked up 7.65kms. Very pleased with that.

Happy travels everyone 😊😊😊


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67 Replies

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  • To make up for a morning of lounging round the house i went for a walk this evening and clocked up 12k. I hope that means I can leave the boat for a day trip soon?

  • I reckon that's definitely worth a day trip Garfield :)

  • Spent the day catching up on housework too after my night shifts - and my evening walk unfortunately got rained off 😞

    4km for today

  • That's life for you Ruth :o 4K's is a great number though :)

  • Evening

    7.3 km for me today on the exercise bike ☺

  • Well done Nic :)

  • 10.3 km for me today. Lazing around on the island. Walking on the beach, looking for crabs and shells. Very peaceful!

  • Sounds idyllic JC :)

  • πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ 😁

  • Ah Lizzy- what an amazing trip you are managing for us! Thank you! I'm feeling tired and happy after my birthday weekend even though it involved over indulging on food and even alcohol, I had a lovely time with family which is the main thing, and saw my beautiful granddaughter smile, always ,magical πŸ˜€... However today I've been feeling as if the virus which several family members have is beginning to get going in me as well, so a bit fed up, and haven't really exerted myself... So I suspect tomorow I won't like it when the scales confirm my overindulgence... 4.7km from me today, sorry- weekends are supposed to be when we do more!!!

  • Oh rainshine! I can't believe you've succumbed to the monster bug too! That's such a shame after you had such a lovely weekend :(

    Don't be sorry, you're K's are more than adequate, just take care of yourself and fingers crossed you get better soon :)

  • Glad you enjoyed your celebration we will clock up kms for you till you are feeling betterxx

  • Sorry hopeless this weekend with rugby and hubby's birthday x posting no kms for the last two days x see you for weigh in tomorrow eek x

  • Thanks for keeping us posted Claire.

    Monday's the best day of the week! You should be excited about it :)

  • Evening my total today 28k - not a lot you may think from this Princess πŸ‘‘however 25 of them were running 😬

  • Oh my gosh Prin, that's absolutely amazing! Well done you! :)

  • The steamer just gets better and what a fantastic day we have had.

    Better than can be said for the horrible wet and windy weather here. It seems relentless just now. I'm certainly getting my money's worth out of my wellies!

    Today's two soggy dog walks plus pottering about the house clocked up 11983 steps, 8kms. Itching to get a week of solid 10's but the weather does make the going hard.

    Off now to enjoy the seafood and 70's disco. Might catch a glimpse of Daniel 😍

  • Do you have shorter strides than average Bu-dog, because my conversion of your steps, is 8.99K's :)

    Have fun at the disco! ;)

  • Hi Moreless, I've set my stride at 67cms. Is this correct?

  • Have you measured it, or did you hazard a guess? Liz has estimated the average stride to be 75cms. :)

  • I haven't measured it. I googled it and a walking site I'm sure said 67 for women and 71 for men. I'll double check. I'd hate to think I'm cheating myself lol x

  • The site reckons 70cms for women and 78cms for men. My height is 162 cms X 0.413 = 66.90 rounded to 67cms

    I think I will measure it properly tomorrow. Thanks for pointing it out 😘

  • Hi

    18.8km for me Sunday.

  • Woohoo Mimsta! What a star! :)

  • Very impressive total for you today! Got fitbit restarted and charged but can only report 1897 steps. Onwards tomorrow with the breeze and a half term beckoning.

  • Well done Saga :)

  • 5 km walking and 8.4 cycling for today

  • Great stuff Nussaybah! :)

  • Another rainy day but managed 6.7 km with an NHS dance workout. Glad nobody could see my uncoordinated effort! Let's hope I can keep in time with you all at the 70s boogy tonight!!

  • Sounds like fun πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ƒπŸŽ΅πŸŽΆ

  • That wasn't uncoordination Phil, that was freestyle! :D You'll be brill at the disco, because we're all doing freestyle too! :)

    Great K's :)

  • Another fantastic night on this amazing journey!!!!

    After a lovely day exploring the island and beaches now ready for a night of dancing and cocktails 😎 πŸ’ƒ

    7 km total today 😊

  • Good going Elissy :)

  • Hi,

    1.5 km for me today - a nice lazy day :)

  • Well done Sueper :)

  • Covered about 250 miles in the car today, guessing i got in about 200 metres haha

    Winds are meant to be 70-80mph tomorrow, walking in that is going to be a challenge!

  • Lol Steve :D

    You'll be ok if the wind's behind you! :D

  • I have been out and can confirm that the wind is not behind me!! lol

  • Drat and double drat! ;)

  • 15km today. Made up for the last couple of days

  • Woohoo henlady, that's fandabedozy :)

  • 7.68 kms for Sunday.

  • Fabulous Don :)

  • Well I didnt get out for that run last night so clocked up 5.2 kms yesterday. Hoping the weather calms enough for me to do my couch to 5k run this evening.

  • Not to worry lynalla, we'll keep our fingers crossed for you today :)

  • Sunday I did 3.76k, I haven't been well this week so I have been forgetting to post :( Saturday was 4.27k and Friday was 5.84k. I'm not sure if I posted Thursday so that was 4.24.

    Moreless hope that's all you need as I think I posted Wednesday's! Hopefully I'll be better this week.

  • Oh dear RAF_girl, that bug has a lot to answer for :( I hope you're on the mend now and feeling much better :)

    I'm not sure about wednesday at the mo, but if I don't have your K's for then, I'll let you know :)

    Thanks and well done for managing the other totals :)

  • Hi Everyone....hope you all enjoyed your weekend! My numbers are 10.9kms for Saturday and 12.3kms for Sunday.

    Good luck for the week ahead πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Woohoo quin! Great numbers! :)

  • Morning all,

    my figures for sunday are 2.79km walking and 10km cycling so total is 12.79km ☺

  • Fantastic total kars! :)

  • Hi all. Still coughing! My kms for Sun 5.3 pottering and food shopping. Ed did 50 - 25.3 spinning, 7.4 elliptical, 7.1 treadmill and 10.2 walking dogs and pottering :)

  • 50??!! OMG! Ed, you're my hero!! :)

    5's not bad either Kate ;) :D Hope that cough goes soon :)

  • Good morning

    Sunday and it was 5 km, including a walking tour of Glasgow's Necropolis - very interesting.

    Best wishes


  • You do some really interesting things Steve :)

  • We're missing you Steve, haven't heard anything for a week. I hope all's OK with you! :)

  • Hi moreless

    Many thanks for your message. Sorry for being off the radar - I have been down to Wales for my mothers funeral. Not as distressing as it sounds. She was 92 and had been deteriorating slowly for 12 months, more sad that devastating. She had a lovely funeral and it was great to meet my brother, sister and our families. Tomorrow is a kick start for me and I'll start weighing myself again!

    Your kindness is much appreciated.

    Best wishes from a sunny and snow clad Falkirk


  • I'm so sorry to hear your news Steve, it's always sad to lose a mum. I'm glad though that she had a lovely funeral and that you were reunited with your siblings and their families.

    Monday morning weigh-in, best time of the week! :D

    Here's to a good week :)

  • 25298 steps or 18.3k walking / moving about yesterday. Also a 32.08k bike ride which is my longest ride to date, I think. So a total of 50.38k but I'll be having a rest day today!

  • Holy mackerel Lexi! I was impressed with Ed doing 50, but you've managed to beat that! WTG you! I'm not surprised you intend having a rest day today! :)

  • I borrowed a step counter as I was doing some house clearing and I went to a ceilidh in the evening. I did 1.2km yesterday.

  • Good thinking Geza! I love ceilidhs :)

  • Sunny here too today. 9.2l for Sunday. What wind we are having! Glad the boat has stabilisers!

  • When I was out yesterday, I felt as if I needed stabilisers! :o

    That was a great number Mrscaw, I hope you're off to make the most of that sunshine, as it's as rare as hen's teeth at the moment :)

  • Sorry I'm a bit late for check in...Sunday's total 2.5kms.

  • Hi everyone, sorry am late I think I sent my stats to the wrong place anyway am here now here are my miles Wed-11.78miles Thur-12.29 miles Fri-13.49 Sat-20.43miles...πŸ‘Ÿ Hope you all had a good week too..

  • Grounded the ships doc has told me to sit and rest leg, something called the adducter muscle, ice pack and rest. So I'll be sat on the sun deck watching you amazing people do your stuff.

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