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half way stage

half way stage

I'm on week six of the plan and so far i have lost 8.4 kilos (18.5 pounds)

i was after xmas 96.1 kilos and close to the obese/red part of the chart bmi 28.6 - i'm now 87.7 bmi 26.1 and i feel so much better - my wife is absolutely delighted particularly as i no longer snore !

Calorie counting/planning my meals ,exercise at least 150 minutes a week , 5 a day, not drinking alcohol avoiding sugary drinks and a healthy breakfast have been the key to my success

my aim after 12 weeks is to fluctuate between 80 and 85 kilos instead of 90-96 kilos which is where i have been for most of the time since i turned 30 (i'm now 50)

thanks nhs great plan biggest hi i've had in a long time (-:

if i can do it so can you guys i wouldn't call me your a typical fitness freak and i still like to go out i hope this encourages all you fellow pint drinking chip lovers out there

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Hi Beano99,

What fantastic progress and a very inspiring post. Lovely to see you and your wife in your photo, both looking very happy! Many Congratulations on losing 18.5 pounds, that is really great! Thanks for sharing the key elements of your success, it's good to know what bits worked best for you. You're almost half-way through the 12 week plan now, so hope you enjoy the second half and wishing you success with your final goals.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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Well done Beano amazing results for your first six weeks! great photo too :-)

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Very well done,aim to readdress your goal targets, I re thought mine, it just seemed natural, which is fab!


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