BMI seems to be the thing that everyone worries about. I have lost 7st over the last 13 months, I'm now a size 14 which I'm very pleased with. I personally don't think I need to lose much more, a size 12 is the smallest I want to go down to. Anything smaller and I think I'd look unwell! Here's the thing though. I'm 13 and a half st and this means I'm still in the 'obese' category on the BMI scale!! With what little weight I have left to lose I will just end up in the 'overweight' category. I believe the BMI scale does not take into consideration people's builds or their genetic make up. I hope people won't get too hung up on their BMI and just be encouraged by the weight they are losing!


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  • Hi, yes I have the opposite problem with BMI, it says I have a healthy BMI even if I am very out of shape. I am a size 12 but quite short, with lots of rolls on my belly and a considerable back side! I'd like to lose 1 stone to get into a size 10. It can be very confusing, I'm just sticking to the scales! ;)

  • I find their view of measuring was its in women, odd I always thought it was higher! More above the tummy button

  • BMI makes as much sense as dress sizes do. I lost 20kgs, from obese to healthy BMI. I have not dropped a dress size. Nor is my waist size or waist to hip ratio as it 'should' be. I think waist size under 80cms would be unrealistic because of my natural body shape... but I know am carrying fat around my middle.

    These are all information to help us set and achieve goals (and to know when enough is enough) but there is no one indicator of good health.

  • Bmi has never taken, muscle, pregnancy or build into account, you just be very tall I suspect

  • I'm only actually 5'5"! My BMI is 31.3. I think 30 is the start of the overweight category

  • I believe it is!

  • Well I am so glad you posted this thread as just before I was looking at my MI and was told to loose 3 stone which I would be very bony so I am aiming for at least another stone and than.

    I am delighted to hear that you lost so much weight. What a nice feeling! I have lost a stone. Gone down a size.

  • You are so right, BMI does not take into consideration age, build, bone structure or genetics !!!

    In the old NHS days we had a wgt guide that took into consideration age and build/ bone structure and it worked out about a 3 stone leeway. This was depending on age, height and frame( frame was decided on wrist size !!) but it worked.

    I think you have the right attitude, it's about getting to a healthy weight that works for you 😃 and more importantly what you can maintain and be healthy😃

    Congratulations on your acheivements 😃


  • Hi LMB001,

    Congratulations on your achievements, you're doing really well, and you've made some really good points about BMI - it is purely an indicator, but is not the be all and end all. I use the 'new BMI' measure, as it seems to be more accurate for taller people like myself.

    I think it's important to feel good with the weight that feels ok for you personally, and like Flossie says, maintaining and being healthy are the main things.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • My OH has very muscly calf's, his BMI told him he was overweight when he had a 32inch waist purely down to muscle weight. So I agree, BMI is not a good measure. I think as a starting point, a healthy BMI is something to work towards, but a healthy lifestyle matters most!

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